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Being on the Circle TV Show – Channel 10

I had a great experience being a guest on the Channel 10, The Circle TV show today. In the morning I took some time to meditate and relax. Then Jenny, my official stylist came over and helped me to match my shoes with my dress and also advised me on what jewellery to wear. (I have a lot of shoes). I am always amazed by her sense of style and understanding of how to put an outfit together. She then came with me into channel 10 studios and advised the make up artist on how to do my make up. It wasn’t hard to tell the hairdresser how I wanted my hair, because I wanted it curly.

Then I met with the producer, who was really lovely. I taught her some simple healing processes for treating colds, which doubles as a great weight loss technique. I love this process, which is under sinuses in my book, The Secret Language of Your Body. It is a real savior.

I also chatted with the make up girls, who were really excited about the book and were looking up different health problems.

When I went on air, there were four hosts. Everyone was really supportive. Gorgi told me she loved the book and was a big fan of healing work. We talked about different health conditions, including cold sores, sties, sore feet and other aspects of healing.

I would have loved to share a process but we ran out of time, so hopefully next time. Overall, a very positive experience!

I look forward to more TV, radio and print media, to get the message of healing across. I will be on Gold 104 FM on the 11th of August.

Love Inna

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