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General vs. Specific

People are constantly emailing me or calling me and asking for advice. They want specific advice based on very general questions. So they may say, something like, ‘I have food sensitivities and digestive problems, what can I do?

The first thing I usually ask is if the have read my book, The Secret Language of Your Body, The Essential Guide to Wellness. The reason for this is because I have written about the thoughts, emotions, actions and behavioral patterns, which can contribute to different health problems.

In order to have any ideas about what to do, a person needs to identify the issues that could have caused their health challenge. Then I give simple, practical processes that they can do to heal their health condition, by releasing negative thought patterns, stuck emotions from the past and changing how they view their life. There are also relaxation exercises, movement exercises, pressure point work, colour healing, visualization processes and other techniques to help people become well.

Since I understand that most people are concerned about the time it takes to do the processes in order to heal, the processes in the book only take a few minutes to do. However, the results are pretty profound.

The idea is that each person discovers what specific experiences, emotions, beliefs and behaviors have caused their health challenge or emotional challenge and then they are empowered to deal with them.

When I do private consultations, which are very rare now, I always try to understand things as specifically as possible so that I can help the person understand themselves and also what was the real cause of their condition.

I really dislike giving general advice as it may not be relevant to the problem an individual is experiencing. What I have discovered is that in healing and in life, the more specific you are the better results you will have.

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