Inna has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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Protection and Purification

February 27, 2013

Hi Inna, I do a lot of healing work with people and I always seem to feel tired and drained after. Is there some kind of simple protection that I can do to help me stay balanced and clear. Thanks. Karen Hi Karen, I always teach all my clients and students to protect themselves as […]

Making The Secret Language of Your Body Book Trailer

Making the book trailer for The Secret Language of Your Body, was a fascinating experience. I knew it was important to have a three minute, visual explanation of what the book is about and how it has benefited people. It took me weeks to write and re-write the script for myself. Even on the day […]

Deep Transformation

I believe that deep transformation happens on subtle levels. It is an experience, which is beyond what it obvious and ordinary. You may feel different but not know how to express it in words. It may not be obvious to anyone else. But you know something has changed. You are not the same. Maybe you […]

Paris Fashion

I have recently come back from my incredible trip to Europe. I had many amazing, synchronistic experiences in Europe. Everything was really well organized and flowed and whenever I would think that I desired something it seemed to just happen. Some of you know about my love for fashion and that I believe that your […]

Menopausal problems

Dear Inna, I have just entered menopause and I am getting hot flushes, feeling very tired and sad. Do you have any information or insights, which could help me? I already have your book, The Secret Language of Your Body, and I love it. I have it next to my bed and I refer to […]

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