Inna has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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Robyn Jordan

Robyn Jordan

Hi, I’m Robyn Jordan. I have been a primary teacher, child care co-ordinator and mother of four sons. My journey has always been as carer, nurturer and guide with a deep intuitive sense. I have blended this over the past four years into a healing pathway of person centred counselling, breathwork, visionary intuitive healing, past life regression/deep memory process, psychosomatic therapy and svaroopa yoga.

My healing passion is the Visionary Intuitive Healing (trained by Inna Segal) and Past Life Regression Therapy.

The Intuitive Healing is a series of processes that divinely connects to the body and subtle bodies through the 11 chakras and 12 energy bodies working to release the density of limitations, core patterns and beliefs at a deep cellular level. It releases physical, emotional and mental blocks to healing allowing flow and balance.

Past Life Regression therapy asks the questions who am I and why am I here. At a soul level we all purposefully choose our life to explore and identify our life lessons, to advance our soul growth and live the life we are meant to live. Past Life Regression accesses our subconscious where all our soul memories are stored. Through relaxed meditative guidance and light hypnosis you move beyond the analytical and critical conscious mind to your absolute truth in the subconscious mind. It assists in identifying and understanding the source of feelings, fears, phobias and blocked memories removing the symptoms and creating the emotional learning that frees you to live a fulfilling life.

Deep Memory Process adds a deepening with facilitation of healing through the Bardo state, the intermediary state on the soul’ s journey, identifying core issues and Karmic life scripts and psychodrama to facilitate the carthartic process of healing.

Breathwork uses the power of your natural breath, accessing you heart connection and releasing deeply suppressed feelings, stress and limitations and restoring the body to its balanced state on all levels.

Psychosomatic Therapy involves face and body reading to comprehend the individual and their inner self relationship.

Svaroopa Yoga is the release of the spine through a series of foundation asanas or poses. Based on ancient teachings it focuses on the discovery of the divine reality within each one of us and its connection to our everyday.

My life has demanded my attention for thorough understanding and healing. The journey has allowed me to access a very calm sense of life and myself. I am a fellow traveller of life. I am here to create and share a safe, compassionate , honouring and sacred space with you. Within this space we listen, connect, explore, release, flow, laugh, cry and heal.

Each session is honouring of you – unique and truly special.

You connect the threads and awaken to your true divine potential.

Blessings in love and light.

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