Inna has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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The Secret Language of Color Cards by Inna Segal (US Edition)


The Secret Language of Color is a fantastic card deck, full of inspirational messages, 45 beautiful, impactful cards, with an in-depth guide book, tips and powerful processes for healing.

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The Secret Language of Color is a fantastic card deck, full of inspirational messages, 45 beautiful, impactful cards, with an in-depth guide book, tips and powerful processes for healing.

Published by Atria Books / Beyond Words Publishing: Simon & Schuster, there are 45 stunning cards in the deck and an indepth guidbook.

ISBN13: 9781582703268
ISBN10: 1582703264

The Secret Language of Color Cards is your key to the extraordinary healing power of color.

The deck features 45 color healing cards, each infused with the unique healing vibration of that color to help restore your body to its natural state of health and harmony.

The guidebook sheds light on the properties of each color and offers a simple healing process to help you work with each color and harness its healing potential.


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The Secret Language of Color e-Book
Simon and Schuster – The Secret Language of Color e-Book

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Pick a card and receive an inspired message of guidance from the Universe.

Exploring the world of color through this vibrant and energizing deck can help you become healthier, more creative, joyful, playful & spontaneous while bringing greater peace & balance to your life.


Healthy Beings Magazine

The Secret Language of Color Cards By Inna Segal

Reviewed By Ffjorren Zolfaghar |

After a year of ups and downs, amidst the routine of my extremely scheduled life, I decided to make a vow to this New Year ahead: try something new each month. It could be as simple as a new recipe–one that seemed a bit daunting or dangerous–or picking up my comatose guitar, and learning a new chord. Or possibly stretching my mind a bit, and looking into meditative practices I’ve never tried. With a multitude of possibilities in front of me, I came across The Secret Language of Color Cards.

The first thing I noticed: the title and innuendo it presented. The second: the packaging. I have always been in tune with good packaging and marketing. I appreciate eye appeal. I also appreciate quality. These cards are housed in a sturdy, glossy-finished cardboard box. Inside, there are 45 cards and a guidebook, neatly tucked into place.

Each card displays a different color or theme on one side, and imagery from the box on the other side–the “blank” side, if you will. The guidebook provides an easy-to-read format, describing a brief history of color and how it is used, as well as tips on how to use the cards. It also gives a description of each card, including the meaning or strength behind the specific color and its relevancy to your body, mind and soul; as well as a simple exercise you can follow that will strengthen your relationship with the meaning of the color.

After I skimmed through the guidebook, and flashed through the cards, as if I were studying for an exam, I decided to give it a whirl. The guidebook offered several different ideas on how to get started. I chose to spread the cards out in front of me, ask a question (I did this out loud) and then pick a card. Once I had the card in my hand, I continued to let my mind focus on my question, and then I looked at the card. It was pretty interesting that the color I chose truly correlated to my question.

I tried a few other suggested methods of card usage, and found that it was fun, easy to do, and definitely sparked my thought and creativity.

One of the main points the author drives home is in regards to healing, as color is used to heal in many ways. Per the guidebook’s direction, I placed a color card on the area of my body that needed healing. I closed my eyes and visualized a large block of color surrounding an area of my body. I kept focusing on the color, its strength, and drawing it into my body. It was a uniquely satisfying meditation session.

Ultimately, I do believe that each card could somehow correspond to your question, healing request, etc. I’m sure that naysayers would find negativity. However, these cards combine three aspects that are, in their own respect, genuinely healing: meditation, color and thought.

When you meditate, you ask your body and mind to slow down; your body is often at rest. This offers a calm and relaxed state for repair. When you ask a nutritionist for advice on eating, they often reply with, “Add more color to your diet.” Therapists also use light and color to help fight depression and fatigue, as there is much energy present in both. More importantly, when you use your own thought to drive healing home, it can be more powerful than medicine.

If you’re looking for something new to try, or a unique gift, check out The Secret Language of Color Cards.


“I have had mine (The Secret Language of Color Cards) for a week and love them!! I saw them in my friends shop and was drawn to them like a magnet!! Thank you so much – they are spot on every time and not just with me but with friends. I\’ve just been looking at them as I have a painting project to do and needed the inspiration to come forwards. Namaste.”

– Jenny Van Der Westhuizen (Artist)

“I love these cards (The Secret Language of Color Cards) and they really helped me to overcome some barriers I had to deal with recently. The book (The Secret Language of Your Body) and cards make it easy to help generate a healing process. Thank you Inna for your wonderful cards and insight.”

– Thomas R. Mcgrew (Sales and distribution)


The card deck aims to educate people about the healing qualities of color, while at the same time giving them an inspiring message to focus on.

The guidebook gives an explanation about each color, an activity to do and a healing process people can use to improve their health, abundance, relationships, etc.

People can give each other color readings, just pick a card for the day, ask what color they need to focus on or use the deck for color therapy, by placing the card on a part of their body and then receiving the energy from it.

People can also use the cards to teach children about colors and color healing, as well as swapping color healing with each other.


“As a Healer and as a Dental Hygienist I have been using Inna\’s color cards with my patients in many ways.  After choosing a card that resonates with them they place it on their chest during the dental treatment.

I have seen the patients body change from an anxious state to one of calm and acceptance as I begin the treatment. I also have them visualize the color being sprayed in thier mouth through the water irrigator as I cleanse their gums.

Patients love to have another tool in their tool kit when it comes to self healing. I encourage the use of the cards as I have seen the benefits happen before my eyes while I work.  I also help to facilitate the use of the color and visualize healing while I treat their mouths.

It has been a wonderful experience and I continue to get creative with the many ways Inna has taught with The Secret Language of Color.”

– Tammy Kohlschmidt RDH,CCT,CBP
Dentistry For Health NY
Certified Clinical Thermographer
Body Talk Practitioner
Thermal Video


“Every time I went for my teeth cleaning, my body would be tense and I would hold on tightly to the arms of the chair. Today, Tammy introduced me to the Color cards by Inna Segal. I picked the Orange card. She told me to envision the orange light shining on my teeth and help nurture them (since the card mean nurture yourself). I did that and notice my body stayed relax the whole time. I even did the biting x-ray on my teeth without clinching my body.

The ocasional pain from the teeth cleaning didn\’t bother me as it used to.The card did work.”

– Sylvia (referring to her dentist, Tammy Kohlschmidt RDH,CCT,CBP – Dentistry For Health NY)


“Most people are anxious and/or have a suppressed fear when going to a dentist. As a holistic dentist, I find ways to minimize my patients fears. One technique I offer to my patients is the use of Inna Segal\’s Color Cards. My hope is that by helping my patients relax, they will have an easier experience during the dental procedure. Thus, their immune system will not be as suppressed and they will have a better recovery from the procedure.Be well.”

– Reid Winick, D.D.S.


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