Inna has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal (US Edition)


US edition: Atria Books / Beyond Word Publishing: Simon and Schuster: The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness. A life-changing brilliant book.

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International Bestseller now into its 5th printing in the USA

Now into its 6th printing in the USA, 5th printing in Australia / New Zealand, 3rd printing in France and Slovakia2nd printing in Russia and in 16 languages, The Secret Language of Your Body is very popular, gaining great feedback from medical doctors, psychologists, best selling authors, natural health practitioners and readers in general.

People continue reporting great healing stories after applying the principals and exercises from The Secret Language of Your Body for their own self healing.


What if you could learn the secret language of your body?

And then use this knowledge to heal your body and revolutionize your life. Now you can!

The Secret Language of Your Body reveals how to:

  • Heal the emotional, mental and energetic cause of physical ailments
  • Use easy, quick, practical exercises to heal your organs
  • Learn the secret language of disease and powerful processes for healing
  • Understand and release limiting thoughts and emotions
  • Discover how to use colour to heal your life
  • Uncover the messages your body has to teach you

In The Secret Language of Your Body, Inna Segal provides an in-depth, practical resource for anyone who desires a safe, easy and effective way to self-heal.


Atria Books / Beyond Words (August 31st 2010)
Distributor: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 9780980286557
Trade Paperback, 288 pages
ISBN-10: 1582702608
ISBN-13: 9781582702605


Bernie S. Siegel, M.D contributed the forward to The Secret Language of Your Body, which includes the following quote:

The Secret Language of Your Body truly is the essential guide to restore your body to its healthiest state and assist you to heal your life.

Inna Segal offers invaluable insights into the underlying causes of illness and disease and provides practical advice which will undoubtedly empower many to self-heal.

So read on and learn from the wisdom of this book, which can guide you to the life you were truly meant to live.”

– Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.,  author of the New York Times bestseller Love, Medicine & Miracles and How to Heal.


Why do Christiane Northrup, M.D., Jack Canfield and Brandon Bays all supportThe Secret Language of Your Body?

The Secret Language of Your Bodyis thrilling and right on target! My fondest hope is that people all over the planet will take this message of healing into their hearts and bodies and become vibrantly well!”

– Christiane Northrup, M. D.,   author of the New York Times bestseller,Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

The Secret Language of Your Body teaches you how to listen to the messages your body gives and leads you step-by-step to create great health through simple but effective healing methods and principles.

Inna Segal explains and demonstrates how your thoughts, energy and emotions affect your health so your body’s wisdom won’t be a secret anymore but a powerful guide to transform every area of your life.”

– Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and author of The Success Principles™

“An easy to use practical guide for establishing a relationship with your own body and its healing potential. This book offers you user friendly tools to participate in your own healing.

The Secret Language of Your Body is an inspiring guide for learning to communicate effectively with our own bodies.’

– Brandon Bays, bestselling author of The JourneyTM


Popular, Effective & Accurate

The Secret Language of Your Body is proving to be very popular, with many people reporting great healing stories after using the processes in the book.

It is fast gaining a reputation for being the most effective and accurate book in its field.


“Healing, thought provoking, and deeply insightful are all worthy adjectives for this brilliant book.”

– Mike Dooley, author of the New York Times bestseller Infinite Possibilities

The Secret Language of Your Body guides people to a new level of wosdom and healing. Touching, inspiring, and very effective!”

– Marci Shimoff, author of the New York Times bestseller Happy for No Reason

“A great set of insights into how to stay healthy and well!”

–Thom Hartmann, bestselling author of Cracking the Code, host of The Thom Hartmann Program on KPOJ Radio

“Our health is a key element of living a successful life. The Secret Language of Your Body explores and develops your awareness of the important mind / body / spirit connection that is vital to living a healthy life.”

–Jim Stovall, bestselling author of The Ultimate Gift


Article from Insight Magazine- The Secret Language of Your Body


Book Review – Inner Self Magazine- Full Review

“Inna Segal, a highly regarded healer and creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing® has authored a phenomenal book, which contains more than just information. It has practical tips, in-depth knowledge and processes for self-healing which will be of great benefit to everybody with a body, mind and spirit.”


Book Review – Living Now Magazine –Full Review

“I was more than pleased to discover what a powerful and important toolthis book is to use…”

“Scattered with inspiring stories of healing as well as Inna\’s own personal journey from debilitating back pain, to perfect health, to now teaching the world these healing processes, The Secret Language of Your Body is a delightful, refreshing and powerful guide to empowerment and creating better health.”

– Review by Tennille Chambers


Book Review – Succeed magazine (June/July 2008) – Books of the Month

” This book (The Secret Language of Your Body) gave me hope when it came into my life with its promise of showing people how to create better health within one’s self.

Inna Segal tells her story in a clear and simple way of how she came to create her healing process, which includes learning to understand what your body and your health is telling you and how to create wellness.

A health issue had bothered me for months, so I focused on the chapter on the secret language of emotions.

The book taught me to release the negative experience around the original event. As the emotions and feelings cleared, my body healed.

Couples with The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin (available in general bookstores), Segal’s method allowed me to turn my life around.

It is an effective and doable process, as long as you are prepared to be open to all possibilities.”


Books of the month with Daniel G Taylor and Carmel D’Almeida


Book Review – Nova magazine (January 2008)

” (The Secret Language of Your Body) gives easy-to-use techniques for self healing and connecting with your body, so you can develop your own innate ability to support your health and wellbeing.”

– Rosamund Burton


Book Review – Gippsland Horizon Newspaper – Full Review
(including a touching, personal healing story)

“This book is incredibly special, in that it gives you the emotional, mental and energetic reason behind physical conditions you may be experiencing. Unlike any other work, it allows you to not only heal, but to use techniques which can empower you and help you to expand. You can work with this book to truely live the life you were meant to live!”

“…No matter who you are you will find something useful in this book. We are blessed to have Inna and her Visionary Intuitive Healing®.”

– Review by Sallyann Turnbull (Holistic Counselor)


Marnie T – Presenter “Body and Soul” – Radio Book Review

“I love your book (The Secret Language of Your Body). I think it is absolutely sensational”

– Marnie T – Presenter “Body and Soul”
Mix 106.5 Sydney & Mix 101.1 Melbourne



Sharina 2UE – radio host of SHARINA’s Psychic Encounters
Radio Book Review – (February 2008)

“Our next guest is a dynamite woman. Inna Segal’s The Secret Language of Your Body is an absolute blockbuster. You have to get it. I love it.”

Listen to Inna’s radio interview on 2UE


Prominent doctors support The Secret language of Your Body

“You don’t have to be ill to benefit from this remarkable book. Ms. Segal provides simple but powerful exercises that help you connect with your body and inner wisdom, to promote physical, mental, and emotional healing at the deepest level, allowing you to live a happy, healthy, and more abundant life.”

– Hyla Cass M.D. author of Natural Highs Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine

“Even if you don’t know what’s wrong with you yet, this book helps you start on the road to healing and (with the guidance of Inna…) eventually even a cure!”

– Jerry M. Rosenbaum, M.D., co-author of What’s Wrong with Me

“Livid, pissed off, torn up inside, heartache, bone weary, jaundiced, gut wrenching, blood boiling, pain in the neck, stab in the back, takes my breath away, a rash decision, sick to death – our language is alive with ancient wisdom about the origin of many illnesses. The Secret Language of Your Body allows you to recognize and set yourself free from the toxic effects of unconscious beliefs and emotions and start on a path of self-healing.”

– Dr Robin Youngson, Founder, Centre for Compassion in Healthcare

“I was a skeptic at first look. But I tried it and discovered this to be a magical book. Quite simply it works and it can heal you.”

– Dr Roger Cole, Cancer and Palliative Care Specialist Associate ProfessorRoger Cole Director of Palliative Care, Illawarra Region, SESIAHS, author Mission of Love

“With her book ‘The Secret Language of Your Body‘, Inna Segal has made a significant contribution to the growing body of knowledge in the field of mind-body-spirit. Her work encompasses the underlying mental and emotional causes of malfunction in all parts of the body, with additional insights into emotions and the use of colour in healing. Importantly, her book focuses on what people can do for themselves rather than what health care professionals can do for them.”

– Peter Johnston MBBS FRACGP FACNEM Holistic GP

“’Discover your inner intelligence and transform your life!’ This is the potential of Inna Segal’s book. The Secret Language of Your Body is a well written, practical and insightful ‘do it yourself’ guide for healing any health problem using ones own intuition. It may be just the guide you need on your journey to wellness.”

– Tim Bajraszewski M.D., MBBS FRACGP FACNEM, Centre of Integrated Medicine


WellBeing Book Club – WellBeing TM Magazine

This essential book (The Secret Language of Your Body) is an in-depth, practical resource for anyone who desires a safe, easy and effective way to heal. The book reveals how to heal the emotional, mental and energetic causes of disease.


Psychologists support The Secret Language of Your Body 

“I am a psychologist and hypnotherapist who has been in private practice for over a decade. I have previously used books to help client, from both American and Australian authors who have shown the emotions associated with illness and injury.This work has assisted many clients deal with the cause of their condition rather than the symptoms of the condition.

I recently purchased Inna Segal’s book, The Secret Language of Your Bodyand was amazed by the huge amount of knowledge contained in the book.  It far surpasses any of the books by the American and Australian authors (great as they are) that I have previously read.

Clients are blown away with the accuracy of Inna’s work and have asked where they can get a copy of the book. Clients are astounded at the description of the emotions, which were exactly what was going on in their lives when the illness injury developed.

I tell clients that there is a section in the book containing remedies for many conditions.They are really keen to use the remedies to assist their illness or injury. I have previously seen how quickly this type of work assists clients to heal more quickly. – Kathy Ballantyne, Registered Psychologist

The Secret Language of Your Body is a handbook for personal change and empowerment. I recommend this book to anyone who truly wants to change any or every aspect of their lives. This book will guide you through practices and processes to master your own health, happiness and well-being. I have used many of these processes and the improvements in my quality of life are truly remarkable.”  – Mary-Anne Gallagher, Registered Psychologist

“Sooo Accurate. More please. Excellent.”  – Kathy Ballantyne, Registered Psychologist

“Inna shows us how to read and communicate with our body. She has beautifully managed to tap into what is possibly the next frontier for psychologists – the wisdom that our amazing bodies have for us. The Secret Language of Your Body is full of useful insights into ourselves and more importantly, into ways for living holistically.” – Rob Hilliar, Registered Psychologist


Nurses support The Secret language of Your Body

“Inna is an amazingly gifted healer. I have partaken in two workshops, which have had a profound effect on my life. Inna opened doors for me that created the opportunity to grow, learn and understand how to heal myself and others.The Secret Language of Your Body is an excellent, understandable, easy guide to changing your life for the better. I think the book is a must for everyone’s bookcase. Thank you Inna.” – Jo Hill, Registered Nurse

“I’ve observed people transform their lives, become vibrant, peaceful and self-aware, as a result of Inna’s Visionary Intuitive Healing® workshop. Innabrings the same compassion and integrity in The Secret Language of Your Body.”   – Dawn Reading, Registered Nurse


Insight Magazine – review by Brad Gaylard

In The Secret language of Your Body, Inna Segal explains how our thoughts and emotions affect our bodies and health. She defines the language of our body, translating the manifested symptoms of physical complaints into the thoughts and feelings that may underpin certain conditions.

Armed with such knowledge, a person may then consciously address these unhealthy thoughts and feelings, and unlock the body’s amazing ability to heal itself.

This is a fascinating and enlightening read that beautifully reconciles the human aspects of body, mind and spirit in a way that makes so much sense, that it is a wonder no one has so succinctly addressed it before.

This is more than just an informative read. This is a practical handbook that will allow you to manifest change in your life immediately through deeper understanding of your own mind and body.


Rainbow News Magazine – book review

Internationally recognized healer, speaker, author and television host Inna Segal explains how our thoughts, emotions and energy affect our health in this comprehensive guide to healing…

Inna sheds light on the secret language of ailments from A-Z, and understanding and healing different emotions…

A valuable and empowering reference guide for anyone wanting to take responsibility for their own self-healing and wellbeing.


Listen to Inna talking about The Secret Language of Your Body on Write Now Radio (broadband)… 

Listen to Inna talking about The Secret Language of Your Body on Write Now Radio (dial up)…


Health practitioners support The Secret Language of Your Body

“Inna’s detailed book will help you gain a more profound understanding of the intimacies of the mind/body connection. Her brilliant insights and compelling case histories challenge all of us to transcend our preconceptions and personal limitations.”

– Dr Con Rallis, Chiropractor

“Inna’s guide is both comprehensive and comprehensible. It is not only of value to professional practitioners but also of significant value to the intelligent lay public with interest in healing. A valuable addition to the practitioner’s clinic or at home.”

–  Penny Marinelli, ND – Naturopath, International Biofeedback Therapist

“A unique and interesting book that may be used in a variety of ways to assist self-healing. The author, prompted by personal experience, has provided a detailed compilation and interpretation of various psychosomatic diseases and suggestions for healing.

Inna has also investigated and provided the reader with an opportunity to transform through understanding emotions, colors and body systems on a deeper level. Using this book regularly may help the reader to empower themselves and change their lives for the better.”

– Adam Gescheit, Physiotherapist

“The Secret Language of Your Body is an essential guide for health care in every household. The book is written with profound understanding in simple and readable language. Inna is a true gift to humanity.”

– Ida Lyall, Holistic Healer, Seminar Presenter

The Secret Language of Your Body is a must for every bookshelf! Inna\’s intuitive insights resonate deeply and her book is the most comprehensive guide to decoding the body\’s innate wisdom that I have come across. The healing exercises are simple and user friendly. This is a thorough and satisfying reference book. It has the power to reach and heal many!”

– Vera West BA, Dip Ed. Journey Practitioner, Counselor.

“Inna has intuitively given a comprehensive and practical explanation of life’s problems and their treatment. The Secret Language of Your Body is a great book for those seeking love, inner peace and whole body integration.”

– Shaun Resnik, Naturopath & Homeopath

“To have Inna Segal touch your life, whether in her book or a workshop is a rare gift. Her message & inspirations for healing are from the heart, & they truly work once applied. The Secret Language of Your Body is a blessing sent to us all. It is up to us to read, allow & trust. Inna’s gift is to share. Her truth & passion shines through in all her work. She is a remarkable Lady.”

– Kristine Gibson, Yoga Teacher & Energetic Therapist.
Founder – The EternalFlameSchool of Yoga & Integrated Therapies.

“Inna, I just wanted to acknowledge and congratulate you for creating such an amazing book on such a practical, powerful and self empowering method of healing. Many books on healing contain complicated and overwhelming processes to be used for healing however I feel that your system provides everyone with the skills and knowledge to tap into their own abilities to heal with a simplicity and effectiveness that we can all be inspired by and benefit from.

For everyone to have the opportunity and to be shown in such a clear and concise way, a method of healing which is both logical and easy to relate to and so very powerful with its results is a blessing. The depth of your knowledge on the subject of healing, your insight and the experiences in your own personal healing journey have afforded us all the opportunity, through your writings, to tap into a very powerful healing modality.

With my deepest gratitude for sharing your knowledge, insight and gift of healing with all of us, keep shining your light so that others may be inspired.”

– Cheryl Williams, Natural health practitioner, Reiki Master and Teacher.

“Inna has the capacity to succinctly and exquisitely describe the correlation between localized physical complaints and dis-empowering belief systems. By unraveling the language of physical ailments she has gifted the individual with the capacity to remedy and heal their state by understanding key principles and undertaking empowering exercises. Through her wise perceptions and insights herein exists a very practical guide that will serve many to release negative emotions and reclaim their wellness.”

– Rene Roth N.D., Dip Hom. – Natural Therapist and Homeopath
“I am currently reading Inna’s book and really enjoying it. Highly recommended for those who want to take charge of their own healing and wellbeing.”

– Wendy Dumaresq, Founding Director of Natural Woman Network, Herbalist & Natural Fertility Management Counselor

“I have already used this book (The Secret Language of Your Body) with wonderful results in my clinic. It will always have a prominent position on my table.”

– Penelope Melling, Kinergetics Master

“Powerful, easy to use tool. Great ‘self’ healing tool.”

– Cathy Porter, Admin, Massage therapist

“Accurate, specific, empowering, awakening, bringing about awareness to the world. Thank you.”

– Rowena Neal,  Kinesiologist, mother

“This is much more than just a metaphysical book looking at thoughts and emotions behind disease. The Secret Language of Your Body gives easy practical exercises to guide you to better health and wellbeing, whilst communicating with your inner self.”

– Ann Smith, Reiki Teacher & Counsellor

“Practical, insightful, powerful and effective – the processes provided are easy to learn, easy to apply and accessible. I refer to the book (The Secret Language of Your Body) often and it helps immensely in guiding heart wisdom. Thank you Inna.

– Sue Barnes, Transpersonal Counselor

“Inna\’s book is an essential tool to have in learning to trust and listen to the wisdom of the body. It is a powerful reference guide to have on hand at all times.”

– Kathy Rowse, Midwife, Naturapath

“A maze of wonderful opportunities to heal.”

– Robyn Jordan, Coucellor, B & B Proprietor



The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness rests in the hands of Divinity and is dedicated to Infinite Love within us all.

The Secret Language of Your Body is more than a book. It is part of a new health care movement, encouraging and teaching people to tune into their own bodies and participate in their own healing.

This is a interactive experience containing powerful processes and healing frequencies to lead people to greater health and wellness.

New Dimensions TS Metaphysical Bookshop NEWS – book review

In her book Inna builds on “Divine Intelligence” , that ability your body has to keep you breathing, your heart beating, your hair growing, without you consciously having to do anything.

In the book, this “Divine Intelligence” that your body already has is complimented with tools such as the use of colours and appreciation of bodily systems to cleverly address specific physical and emotional ailments.

This amazing work of art and creativity gains credibility from Inna Segal’s obvious ability to “walk the talk”!

– Carolyn


Practitioners of Chinese medicine support The Secret Language of Your Body

“I am a practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and I have found Inna Segal’s book, The Secret Language of Your Body to be very useful in my practice. Many of my clients have also been impressed with the accuracy of the book and have bought copies.”

– Paul Mazur, practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

“Inna`s book on the underlying and energetic causes of illness is one of the most comprehensive texts of its kind. Inna writes with a style that makes this important information easily accessible to anyone who wants to learn about the emotional contribution to disease. Especially powerful are the meditations provided, making this book not only a great source of insight, but essentially practical as well.”

– Darren Walsh BHSc (T.C.M) (Acu) Doctor of Chinese Medicine

“Inna has been instrumental on my spiritual and healing journey. I attendedInna’s Visionary Intuitive Healing® course a few years ago and still periodically work with Inna in person. As a healer myself, although in a different field, I understand the complication of energy work.

Inna’s new book, The Secret Language of Your Body is simple but comprehensive. It contains simple explanations, as well as useful and easy to follow practical tips.

For those who understand or are learning spiritual healing, this is a great book to keep on hand.”

– Bing Qian, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Owner of Bing’s Natural Health


Book shop owners recommend The Secret Language of Your Body

“I suffered with blocked ears, unaware of the message and emotions causing it. So, looking outside myself for help, I was receiving acupuncture and ear candling for three weeks, to no avail.

After being introduced to The Secret Language of Your Body, within two days of using Inna’s remedies, my ears were healed.

I can now speak my truth when recommending this wonderful tool for Self-Healing.”

– Jeanette, co-owner of the Inner Vortex book shop

“Fabulous!!. Simple to use!!”

-Tammy Jones, owner of Heart & Soul bookshop


Star & Moon Book Shop Owner – newsletter review

“I met Inna Segal late last year and she is a true character. Amass of long curly hair and a pint sized physique, Inna has a whole lot of personality and a wealth of experience that commands attention.

Several friends have tested the explanations (in The Secret Language of Your Body) and found them extremely relevant.”

– Jane Orr, owner of Star & Moon bookshop

People gaining huge benefits in New Zealand

“It’s amazing hearing about all the people that have been gaining huge benefits by using the processes in Inna\’s wonderful book (The Secret Language of Your Body).  Many people mentioned this at our last meeting.

What a blessing Inna is for creating such a fabulous resource for us all…”

– Jo Newton (Grace Newton Ltd – New Zealand)


Available in English & French

The Secret Language of Your Body is currently available in both English and French. Published by Atria Books / Beyond Words: Simon and Schuster (USA and worldwide), Blue Angel Publishing (Australia & New Zealand) and Guy Tredaniel Edititeur (France).


Further support for The Secret Language of Your Body from members of society

“I love The Secret Language of Your Body! I use it as a constant reference to work through any physical-emotional issues as described. It is a terrific book and I highly recommend it.”

– Marvin Oka, Certified Master Behavioural Modeller and Certified NLP Master Trainer

“An amazing book from a renowned healer. Think of it as an Introduction Manual for ultra health of the mind, body and spirit.”

– Siimon Reynolds, advertising LOVE agency, author How to Be Happy in 8 Minutes

The Secret Language of Your Body is a rich and very useful resource, full of great distinctions. It is simple and clear and easy to use, and Inna’s voice throughout is loving, accepting and compassionate. The case studies will inspire you to put her suggestions into practice.”

– Liliane Grace, author of The Mastery Club

“Until all people devote priority time to their own deep physical, psychological and spiritual health we will continue to see dreadful behaviour resulting in harm and pain to ourselves and indeed, all life. Inna‘s work is a vital and significant contribution in guiding people to discover how truly brilliant they are and how truly spectacular all life is. The richness of the affirmations in this book from Inna open a connectedness to the Divine… and with that you will gain the truest insights.”

– Shane Holst, Founder – Australian Altruism Foundation

“The Secret Language of Your Body is valuable and comprehensive reference for the emotional & metaphysical causes of physical issues. It will serve as a wonderful compendium of information for personal health and wellbeing, and for the professional therapist.”

– Michael Wild, music producer, owner of Equilibrium bookshop

“I found the 10 basic principles at the beginning of the text particularly apt. In our busy lives we can all too often forget to indulge in these simple, but important techniques – I especially liked numbers 9 & 10!!”

– Maria Shearn, school principal

The Secret Language of Your Body is really an essential guide for everyone interested in taking responsibility for their health.

 As a practitioner and speaker, it is great to be able to look through the book and find the exact thing that is bothering my clients or my audienceand have a breakdown of the meaning and then clear instructions on how to invite healing.

It is an excellent resource for not only professionals but everyone. Inna\’s expertise in this field shines through and is an inspiration and benefit to all those who are touched by this comprehensive work.” 

– Rebel Lorenz N.D., NLP Coach and Trainer
“Fantastic, amazing, incredible. Used in every Kinesiology balance. Absolutely brilliant, very exciting. Makes so much sense.”

– Karin McEachran, Accountant

“Inna’s book is very practical but also provides an understanding of the reasons why we create disease in our bodies. Would highly recommend it to anyone.”

– Robyn Collins, Accountant

“It is a good book to keep handy and refer to regularly.”

– Wayne Hein, retired accountant

“A book of self discovery that is assisting me with the changes in my life.”

– Dianne Wynne, bank officer

“I call it (The Secret Language of Your Body) my ‘Bible’. Whenever something feels wrong or I have pain – I go for the book. The exercises WORK. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all, Inna.”

– Bernadette Acheson, Admin Officer

“The book (The Secret Language of Your Body) is a great asset, not only to myself but my family and relatives too, in everyday use on all issues with the body and its emotions.”

– Dave Rolls, Truck driver

“It is spot on in relation to my current situation.”

– Gerry Driessen, Builder

“A very comprehensive, heartfelt and useful reference for self-healing. The manual you should have received at birth.”

– Ilanit and Samuel Tof

“A valuable tool which I am using daily. The activities are easy to follow and comprehensive.”

– Gael Driessen, Yoga & meditation teacher

“The book is a very informative, useful guide to help me understand the secret language of my body.”

– Susha Krishnan, Personal Carer

“If you are looking to improve the health of your body and life I recommend that you start with this book “The Secret Language of Your Body” by Inna Segal. Very easy to follow and understand.”

– Tania Pellegrini, Communications Management

“The book (The Secret Language of Your Body) is used daily to help reinforce what Inna awakens. Easy to read and easy to use.”

– Joan Jayne, Clerk

“Marvelous!! Now the tools to make the changes our bodies are asking for!!”

– Melanie Montgomery, Administrator / artist

“The book is a great tool to show you ways to use your own power to release thoughts & emotions that are holding you back from becoming the healthy, fulfilled person you can be.”

– Sue Winston, Project Officer



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The Secret Language of Your Body is available for purchase through:

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The Secret Language of Your Body is also available as an e-book

Amazon – e-Book Kindle edition Buy Here

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