Inna has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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Public Speaking / Training Topics

Increase Productivity by Managing Stress:

Participants will learn practical exercises for managing stress, achieving balance and increasing productivity.

This course covers essential keys to raise self-confidence, improve communication skills and refine decision-making abilities. This course will enable individuals to thrive under stressful conditions.

By the end of this program participants will be able to take charge of their thinking processes, emotional responses, and physical wellbeing. The powerful and effective techniques taught, can be used in all areas of life. Circumstances and events that were previously stressful will now be stress-free and eagerly anticipated.

Increase Productivity by Managing Stress also includes:

  • Identify the causes of stress
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises
  • Discussion on how to deal with the fight-or-flight response
  • Exercises to improve communication skills – external and internal
  • Role playing exercisers – for individual and team situations
  • Keys to raise self-confidence, eliminate worry and handle doubt
  • How to achieve balance and increase productivity
  • Discussion on application of techniques in business and life
  • How to maintain focus on desired outcome under stress
  • Further techniques include: effective and transformative self-talk, anchoring and more…

“Excellent at breaking down barriers and enabling people to communicate efficiently.”
-Nick Oddy (Consultant)

“The training helps to get rid of inhibitions, to relax and view others in a different light.”
-Danielle (Marketing Officer)

“Release stress in a fun environment and feel better instantly.”
-Fran Jenkins (Marketing Manager)


Innovative Leadership: Expand Your Vision

A true leader is a person who sees opportunities in challenges, applies creative thinking, strives for excellence and knows no boundaries. Participants will learn how to develop confidence, think outside their limitations, take charge and inspire action. This course will also look at developing trust between leaders, employees, and customers. Practical exercises and examples will be provided on how to recognise opportunities, resolve conflicts quickly and develop a competitive advantage.

Innovative leadership: expand your vision also includes:

  • How to rapidly improve leadership performance
  • Why influence is important and how to make the most of it
  • How to develop trust and create win-win opportunities
  • How to prioritise your life and team
  • How to effectively cast a vision and inspire action in others
  • Set up processes that enable goals to be fulfilled with little effort and time
  • How to overcome obstacles with a great attitude
  • The 11 Laws of leadership
  • How to run meetings that inspire your team
  • Get championship performance from every aspect of your business and life.
  • And more…


“I was very impressed with the power, energy and great insights generated by Paul. I give this seminar ten out of ten!”
– Graeme Parrott (Businessman)

“Paul is accommodating, generous, considerate and genuine. You will be pleasantly surprised with what you’ll learn.”
– Lidia DiNizio (Psychologist)

“Allow Paul Morris Segal to inspire you to action and enhance your leadership skills. My business is now booming.”
– Andrew White (Computer Programmer / Manager)


Focus your Inner Power to Achieve Outer Success:

To succeed in business you need vision, perseverance, confidence, focus, action and intuition. Learn to harness your intuition and make decisions in order to create the most prosperous results. Discover how accessing your Inner Power can revolutionise your life and business performance.

Participants will receive practical tools on how to tap into their true potential, deal with fear, embrace change, use leverage and achieve success on a level they have never dreamed possible. Organise yourself on the inside to achieve lasting, powerful and meaningful outer success.

Focus your Inner Power to Achieve Outer Success also includes:

  • Specific exercises to align every area of your being
  • A new method of applying affirmations that works quickly and effectively
  • Techniques to get in touch with your intuition and create a meaningful vision for your business
  • How to break down large tasks into small easy to apply steps
  • How to get in touch with the true purpose of a goal and fulfil it before you begin
  • How to win and continue winning in business and life
  • How to transform any situation from challenge to support
  • How to be empowered in the face of risk, change and confrontation
  • 7 simple and powerful steps to greatness – all starting within


“So many wonderful things have unfolded for me since the workshop – some things I may have interpreted as negative in the past I now see as exciting opportunities. I also have great clarity around my vocation. You have been a catalyst for me and I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you”
– Catherine Bruce (It Recruitment)
“Inna’s workshop has helped me change my life, and I feel so much more able to deal with my issues and help other people with theirs. It was truly AMAZING.”
– Jacquie Osborne (Health, Safety and Living Consultant)
-Sandra Simeone (Occupational Therapist)


Ingenious Goal Setting and Achievement:

Plan your future to create a life of action and achievement – both professionally and personally. This course is an opportunity to write an inspiring mission statement, design a map to achieve your dreams, organise your priorities, outline specific steps and brake down challenges into simple daily actions.

Design a specific process and utilise it to attain your goals. Learn to master your dreams and lead a powerful, inspired life. The methods outlined in this course apply to individuals and organisations. There are no situations that can not be turned around or enhanced using the Ingenious Goal Setting and Achievement formula.

Ingenious Goal Setting and Achievement also includes:

  • Complete goal setting and achievement program – create a blueprint for your life and work
  • Learn how to achieve more goals faster than you ever thought possible
  • Make detailed, fool-proof plans of accomplishments
  • Techniques to establish clear priorities and focus on high value tasks
  • How to focus single-mindedly and not stray for an instant
  • How to overcome all obstacles to attain your goals
  • Techniques to overcome barriers and blocks to achieve goals
  • How to set goals that inspire, motivate and delight
  • The 7 keys to achieving your goals – quickly and easily
  • This program also covers time management, developing clarity and provides a personal goal planner


“The seminar helped me change my attitude and focus. I achieved more in the next month than I had done in years.”
– Ben Komisars (Marketing Business Manager)

“Speaking of ingenious goal setting and achievement, I set a financial target during the course and the exact amount of money came to me within a week. Thankyou very much Paul.”
– Cindy Gabrielle (Office Manager)

“Doing the course gave me fantastic insights and needed clarity into the basis of my own self-worth. It gave me the choice and confidence to pursue any goal that I dream about.”
– Rodney Levi (Business Banking Officer)


Effective Communication: How To Build Relationships That Work

Participants will be introduced to creative communication skills used by some of the top business trainers and leaders in the world. This course will provide keys to effectively manage people, build long lasting relationships, transform attitudes and negotiate successfully.

Furthermore, participants will learn creative ways to conduct research, influence others, and enhance communication skills through role-play, discussion and

Effective Communication: How To Build Relationships That Work also includes:

  • How to develop effective feed-back loops
  • How to communicate in a manner that is effective and inspiring to others
  • The reasons that work relationships are different to personal relationships – how to manage both
  • The 10 essential secrets to communication success
  • Take charge of your life, eliminate negative emotions
  • Unlock the powers of your superconscious mind
  • Reprogram your mind for successful communication
  • Get along brilliantly with your work-mates
  • Learn about body language and experience its application
  • And more…


“I learnt about self-awareness, body language, and how to communicate more effectively with others. My confidence in communicating with others has dramatically improved.”
-Steven Rodrigo (Medical Practitioner)

“Thankyou Inna for helping me to understand the importance of body language and how it speaks louder than words. I did not feel like it was learning as it was so much fun!”
-Emily Wright (Project Account Support Officer)

“I am more aware of my communication techniques and feel more confident in communicating with customers.”
-Katie Ilia (Bank Teller)


Thinking Creatively: Accessing Brilliant Minds

Participants will be introduced to creative thinking through a compelling paradigm shifting process. This program is designed to provide individuals with interviewing skills, information about mentorship, mastermind training, mapping ideas, effective decision making and designing metaphors for success.

Participants will also learn how to access dynamic states of creativity, develop problem-solving skills, and form successful collaborations.

Thinking Creatively: Accessing Brilliant Minds also includes:

  • Learn the thinking strategies of high achievers
  • Identify and develop your special talents and abilities
  • Determine the Key Result Areas of your business and life
  • Set standards of excellent performance in everything you do – and achieve them
  • Unlock the powers of your subconscious mind and put it to work for you
  • How to create stories and directional thinking to support your projects
  • How to tap into universal intelligence at any time
  • How to use the power of creative questions to transform your life
  • The Overload Technique that guarantees results
  • And more…


“Practical, powerful and creative. Your organisation will reach new heights.”
Robert Lasky (Lasky – Dav industries)
“This opened up a door to freedom, which has been barred and bolted for a very long time.”
-Peter Green (Musician)
“I never knew the mind could be such a powerful tool. I was able to apply the techniques immediately and changes in my life have been profound.”
-Marie Sanderson (Marketing – Business promotions)


Heal Your Body and Revolutionise Your Life

This course provides practical techniques to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. You will learn how to access your Inner Power, create balance in your life, form harmonious relationships and unleash your creativity and intuition.

If you desire an experience of greater clarity, self-worth, gratitude, masterful presence and love – this course is for you.

Heal Your Body and Revolutionise Your Life also includes:

  • Recognise your Divinity and oneness with life
  • Create harmonious relationships
  • Reclaim your body’s natural healing abilities
  • Heal the past and re-create yourself
  • Create balance in your life
  • Exercises to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit
  • Unleash your intuition and creativity
  • Connection to your own inner wisdom
  • Self-expression and creativity
  • Healing through joy and laughter
  • A deeper understanding of self
  • Specifically designed Abundance Healing and more…


“I recommend you consider enrolling. I have worked with Inna in her capacity as a healer and that was a profound experience – she is truly gifted. I also attended her weekend workshop (Heal Your Body and Revolutionise Your Life) which was AWESOME”
-Jamie Kennedy (Diamond Ambassador)
“Inna’s Abundance Healing resulted in two new jobs in two days for my company. Now that’s practical spirituality!”
-Jo Beilby (JLB enterprises)
“A lot of fun and relaxation that allows opening for growth, love and peace. It would benefit everyone.”
– Linnja Lindelow-Bjornsdotter (Author)
“Destroys inhibitions, creates energy and removes tension.”
– Lysbeth Downing (Nurse)


How to Discover your Purpose and Create Results

This program is for people who desire to express their passion and lead a more authentic life. Participants will be guided to define and focus their dreams, gain confidence and plan strategic actions to achieve their goals.

Learn how sustained attention, imagination, alertness to detail, clear vision and knowing how to ask the right questions, create long lasting, prosperous results.

How to Discover your Purpose and Create Results also includes:

  • How to find out what you really wantFocus on your strength and eliminate barriers which are holding you back
  • Spend more time doing more things you enjoyIncrease the quality of your work life
  • Identify and change bad habits
  • Learn to make positive changesAlign goals with your valuesLearn about the power of gratitude
  • Set boundaries
  • The laws of intention and desire
  • Manage your time
  • And more…


“Do something really kind for yourself, you will enjoy and gain great insight through this experience.”
-Lilli Rowell (Artist)

“What a profound experience of discovery it was for me. Everything and more then what I expected.”
-Alice Rohan (Office Manager)

“An opportunity to expand and learn on your journey of self-discovery in a powerful and positive way. Inna is a youthful exciting master in her own lifetime.”
-Sue McDonald (Councillor / Hypnotherapy)


Soul Intelligence:

Soul Intelligence provides you with the ability to nourish your spirit, value your uniqueness and live an inspired life. It contains: the flexibility to achieve under pressure, the trust to develop fulfilling relationships, the confidence to make creative decisions and the clarity to envision tremendous possibilities.

Soul intelligence is about leadership, responsibility and inspired creativity. This program is designed to lead you back to your Soul Intelligence. Healing is conducted during the program.

Soul Intelligence also includes:

  • Igniting the healing power within
  • Discover your worth
  • The power of non-attachment
  • How to live here now
  • Exercises on Attaining peaceful mind
  • How to use the law of cause and effect
  • Trust your intuition
  • Accept your emotions
  • Selling from your heart
  • And more…


“Do yourself a favour – what have you got to lose…experience the joy and incredible awareness of your soul’s innate intelligence.”
-Jamie Kenedy (Diamond Ambassador)

“I feel like I have joined together with the different parts of myself. I feel more complete as a person and as a spiritual being. Thankyou! I rate this workshop 10 out of 10.”
-Anthony Finocchiaro (Event Organiser)

“I recommend this course to people who are willing to look into themselves and to connect on a higher level with others.”
-Warren Hurstaert (Business Owner / sales and marketing)


Business Applications of Laughter Therapy:

The work environment has become a stressful, competitive and demanding place. The businesses that invest in the morale and wellbeing of their staff, thrive.

Participants will learn how to use humour and specific laughter exercises, individually and as part of a group, to release tension and stress, increase energy and gain greater effectiveness.

Laughter can diffuse confrontation, transform strained relationships between co-workers, combat stress and improve health. Research scientists have discovered that laughter is a great form of exercise, which enhances the immune system, increases mental functioning and improves performance.

Business Applications of Laughter Therapy covers both business and personal benefits of Laughter Therapy.

Participants will learn how to use humour and specific laughter exercises, individually and as part of a group, to release tension and stress, increase energy and gain greater effectiveness.

Business Applications of Laughter Therapy also includes:

  • Discussion of the Stress/Laughter Model and its application to minimising the effects of stress
  • Laughter Exercise Programs
  • Discussion and practice of the Business Applications of Laughter Therapy
  • Health applications of Laughter Therapy
  • Information with handouts about scientific research into the benefits of laughter
  • Techniques to overcome barriers and blocks to practicing Laughter Therapy
  • Participants will design a personal laughter practice program to apply at work and privately
  • And more…


“The Laughter Therapy workshop explored areas of health and balance that are very rarely discussed.It really made me laugh and feel great.”
– Louise Wigg (Corporeal)

“Paul Morris Segal has a unique presentation. He is both inspiring and educational. If he doesn’t leave you laughing… check your pulse… nothing will.”
-Jamie Kennedy (Diamond Ambassador)

“There is only one word to describe laughter therapy – GREAT!”
-Warren Hulstaert – (Self-employed Businessman)

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