Inna has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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The Secret Language of Your Emotions

In-depth exciting New Course! – The Secret Language of Your Emotions

Understand how your emotions affect your health

In this workshop you have an opportunity to not only understand how your emotions affect your health and your ability to live a happy, deep, empowered life but how you can work to release, limiting, heavy, traumatic feelings.

Discover what it is like to experience more ease, flow, opportunity, flexibility, range of feeling and clarity in your life. Purify yourself and give birth to a new, more peaceful, and happy, balanced you.


During The Secret Language of Your Emotions workshop you will learn to:

o    Understanding and Healing Emotions Which Cause Disease
o    Release hurt and resentment from your cellular memories
o    Discover the power of deep forgiveness and the healing it can create
o    Free yourself from fear and anxiety
o    Move out of a state of stuckness and limitation
o    Bring more flow, flexibility and synchronicity into your life
o    Discover how guilt can keep you trapped for years and degenerate your body.
o    Break free from your own and your family’s guilt
o    Dissolve rejection which can block you from pursuing your dreams and regain your confidence
o    Let go of confusion and welcome clarity into your life
o    Release Traumatic memories and heal sadness, grief and loss
o    Free yourself of the destructive powers of criticism
o    Move out of paralyzing fear into creativity, enthusiasm and positive action
o    Transform anger into passion and allow it to help you to make the change you need
o    Awaken to the depth, softness, sweetness, sacredness, strength and divinity of who you really are

“I have had lower back pain for the last 7 months and tried various ways to rid my body of the pain. I attended the The Secret Language of Your Emotions course and by the afternoon of the first day my back pain had gone. I recommend this course if you want to heal your body.”

– Tania Pellegrini, Communications Management


“Highly recommended. The effect on me and my journey in this life is beyond (words) description.”

– Bing Qian, business owner


“I found this workshop very helpful for gaining a practical understanding of my emotions and their impact on my health. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve the quality of their health and their life.”

– Peter Strachan


“The Secret Language of Your Emotions has been a powerful, profound workshop. Inna has an amazing gift of facilitating deep transformation and awakening of our inner truth. I feel empowered, enlightened and enriched by the experience and look forward to continuing this journey both personally and with further workshops. A very safe, sacred healthy space – the whole workshop flowed – creating continued openness and clearing. Thank you.”

– Kathy Rowse, midwife, naturopath


“Thank you Lovely.  Love learning, listening & laughing with you. Always a pleasure and I am forever inspired by you. Your wisdom and guidance help me hugely. I have done very well creating you in my world.”

– Catherine Lowe, Domestic Goddess, Holistic Business Owner


“I gained a lot from this workshop (The Secret language of Your Emotions) – the processes were relevant, easy and effective for accessing & healing emotions and clearing energy. Thank you for the opportunity to grow in a safe, supportive environment. The workshop reflected your real, honest approach to energetic healing. It was a joy & a privilege to be part of the healing journey. Thank you Inna.”

– Sue Barnes, counsellor


“Hey Inna, through the processes and especially with the energy of the group I was able to allow myself to connect with my stuckness and soften.”

– Michael Mitchell


“All I can say is WOW. I now look at life differently thanks to the processes that Inna uses for you to become aware of your emotions and how to turn them into a positive emotion and not to hold on to the negative emotion. During this course I shifted a lot of junk that I have been carrying in my body. I recommend this course if you are feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward like I was.”

– Tania Pellegrini, Communications Management


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