Inna has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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Visionary Intuitive Healing® – Level 1

In this five day Visionary Intuitive Healing® program you will learn to:

# Connect to your Divine Healing Intelligence
# Heal physical. mental & emotional pain in people and animals
# Develop your intuition
# Discover how to effectively communicate with your soul and the universe
# Activate your healing abilities and connect with your guides and angels
# Clear core negative beliefs in minutes
# Clear energy cords and watch your relationships blossom
# Let go of toxic blocks and emotions
# Connect to and heal your Inner Child
# Learn how to protect yourself before and after a healing session
# Clear soul agreements and vows that no longer serve you
# Release stress and any energetic attacks
# Bring back your soul fragments and transform your life
# Clear your space
# Work on your mental, emotional and etheric bodies
# Learn how to manifest with the 9 Chakra System
# Discover how to do Chakra Readings and Chakra Healing
# Discover how to work with the Soul Chakra and the Akashic Records Chakra and release negative programs
# Clear cellular and ancestral memories
# Increase your self-esteem
# No longer pick up dense energies
# Balance and ground energy
And much, much more


What have people experienced?

“I found Inna’s level 1 Visionary Intuitive Healing® course to be transformational on many levels. Releasing deeply ingrained patterns allowed me to connect to my intuition in a very clear way.

The processes experienced in the course further opened the flow of energy within me, allowing expanded insights and understanding of my life’s journey. This expanded awareness can now be used for myself and when working with others.

Inna brings a very high level of knowledge into the course. She is professional and a competent teacher, balancing her wisdom with humour, making the experience both healing and fun!”

– Faye Wenke (Reiki Jin Kei Do / Buddho EnerSense Master)


“I achieved a sense of where I’m going, how I will get there, and what it will look like. **A life changing workshop.”

– Peter Martin (General Manager)


“I now use the processes to help with stressful situations and general wellbeing. I would highly recommend this course to those who want to increase their level of understanding of themselves and their healing power.”

– Carina Gimenez (General Manager AAPT Ltd)


“I was feeling stuck, tired and dispirited. Each day was an effort. My heart was irregular and I was often short of breath. Physicians said they could not fix it! Through Visionary Intuitive Healing®I experienced a feeling of warmth and positivity and my heart has stabilized.”

– Dawn Reading (Nurse)


“My experience in the course unequivocally proved to me that my own ability to send healing energy to others and for them to receive it is a powerful experience, as real as talking to, touching or looking at someone.

This course has been like opening a whole new door to life.”

– Kelly O’Neill (Corporate Sales and Marketing Director)


“Let go of pain and activate abundance.” – Inna Segal


“Participating in Levels One and Two of Inna’s Visionary Intuitive Healing® Workshops has given me the tools to completely change my life.

I had suffered for many years with severe fibrocystic breast disease which has now completely healed.  I attribute this to my continued use of the processes taught to me by Inna during the workshops.

I began to notice a gradual lessening of the symptoms from day one, until now, twelve months later, my breasts are showing no signs of the condition.”

– Paula Davison (Retailer)


Visionary Intuitive Healing® – Level 1 was a liberating experience, letting go of fears from the past and embracing a life where there are choices responsibilities and empowerment. Thank you Inna for sharing yourself.”

– Mary Anne Gallagher (Psychologist)


“I feel truly blessed that I was guided to attend Visionary Intuitive Healing®, with Inna Segal. Inna’s amazing love and powerful healing techniques, I believe, will change my life for ever! Inna has opened up a new world for me and even though I feel like a child learning to walk, the processes I have learnt will no doubt accelerate my life skills in every area.

– Julie Breed (horse trainer / Blood Microscopist)


Visionary Intuitive Healing® gave me great Insights. I have never learnt so much about myself in such a short time. I am so glad to have done this earlier in life rather then later. It has shown me the way I should be living my life. The course has cleared up questions I had about my path in life. It was practical, honest, and breathtakingly simple. What an honour I have received!”

– Shani Burke (Tour Guide / Author)


“What a blessing and so many gifts! My life has changed and is unfolding in the brightest colours. Inna’s openness and ability to share has enriched my life and from this point onwards I feel more connected, constantly connected – that can be recognised in a breath. I feel capable and validated. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. “

– Rachael Jane Breen (Healer / Mother)


“Attending Inna’s workshop was a wonderful experience for me. I had a lot of shifts, clearings, glimpses of my purpose. I had some challenges which, when voiced, was very freeing and expansive. Thank you Inna.”

– Michael Mitchell (Truck Driver)


“During the workshop I visually saw two hearts – most unexpectedly. I felt an amazing surge of energy into my palm, when Inna activated my own divine healing intelligence, which I used in a healing exercise.

I also saw a golden intense flash of light on completion of clearing the seventh chakra. Simultaneously I received a brush against my face and an upward rush of wind.

I also saw a vivid, encompassing, orange light surround and envelop a fellow participant.”

– Dawn Reading (Nurse)


“I learned that it is not about words. It’s the energy that assists with the healing. I learned how to connect with Divine energy. I learned how to connect with my energy. I learned how to expand my energy and be expansive. I learned lost of healing techniques. And most importantly I learned that using healing energy can be done with ease, love and grace, gently without effort.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Inna is here. Thank you Inna.”

– Wane Hein (Accountant)


“I had many powerful experiences during Visionary Healing® – Level 1. I was able to experience awareness in my body during several of the healings that I didn’t think possible.

Visually an in many other ways my senses opened up and allowed me to feel internally and externally.”

– Janet Lewis (Book Keeper)


“Inna’s course helped me access visual imagery, to read my own and other people’s bodies. This is the first time I have been able to do this.

I began to trust that the images and impressions of guides and angels that I had received before and not believed were very real.

I accessed a whole new side of my abilities that previously seemed out of reach. I had received real insights into the patterns that created tension, stress and toxicity in my body.

We had a remarkable session which unequivocally proved to me that my own ability to send healing energy to others and for them to receive it as a powerful experience – is as real as talking to, touching, or looking at someone.

This course has been like opening a whole new door to life.”

– Kelly O’Neill – Corporate Sales and Marketing Director


“I have experienced an increase in my confidence with doing healings. The unbelievable feeling of connecting with Spirits and Angels, the insights that have been gained by tuning into my self and spirits have been enormous.

I have had a tremendous feeling of wellbeing, inner peace and harmony. I also experienced total relaxation. Physically, I feel more energetic and vibrant. People have told me I look more relaxed and peaceful. My husband commented about me changing and seeming a much calmer person and actually feeling calmer. I feel great joy in discovering these feeling and sensations.

I have loved the experience of meeting and connecting with very beautiful, honest, open people, willing to share their thoughts and emotions with the honesty in which those emotions were shared and spoken about.

The openness and compassion you (Inna) have given us has been incredible. I really, really, really enjoyed the course and feel very honoured to have participated.”

– Gail Mulhall (Paramedic – Ambulance Services)


“Inna came from a space of unconditional love and safety. I felt accepted and safe at all times. I felt a sense of lightness and a release of pressure from my neck and back. I was able to be more present.

I am a psychotherapist and have been learning for many years. Inna knew everything I knew intrinsically and was able to put it in her own words. Her wisdom belies her age. She is a very special person.”

– Nancy Leadbeatter (Psychotherapist)


“In Visionary Healing® – Level 1I learned how to send and receive healing light, connect with guides and angels, feel chakra energy levels in another person, read/sense another person body for wellbeing and messages.

I discovered how to feel the energy flow into and out of my body and hands. I experienced the physical sensation of releasing dense, unwanted energy. I also experienced the richness of feeling, when you believe that you have helped someone with a real issue.

Achieving a sense of where I’m going, and how I will get there, what it will look like – it’s been the missing link for the last 10 years.

A life changing workshop.”

– Peter Martin (General MGR – Food Company)


“I am so grateful I have participated in the Visionary Intuitive Healing® course. The course is full of fantastic information that has helped me clear my own stuff, and enabled me to help others.

I can now tell everyone that this healing really works. I feel so much lighter, clearer and have so much more energy. I recommend the whole world do this course or at least receive a Healing.

If the world could feel as light and clear as I feel it would definitely be a better place!”

– Tennille Chambers (Massage Therapist)


“Inna is a most knowledgeable and effective intuitive healing teacher. I have learned to clearly see spiritual guides, connect and activate healing, work on my charkas and develop a great sense of confidence that I can do this work.

All elements of the course were presented with great insight, clarity and relevance.”

– John Carr (School Teacher)


“I have smoked for many years, since I have completed Visionary Intuitive Healing® – Level 1, where we did a process to clear it, I have stopped. I haven’t even had any cravings. My relationship with my mother and my sister has also improved dramatically.

Since the Visionary Intuitive Healing® workshop I have worked with my clients doing healing processes. Some of the results have been amazing.

A woman came to me for a healing who has not had her period for 5 months, three days after a healing session she got her period. I also worked with a boy with a spinal injury who has been paralyzed from waist down for many years had been seeing me for a year.

The first session I had with him after I did the course, he moved his legs with the help of acupuncture and the healing. This has never happened before just with acupuncture. I am now in the process of helping him stand up and walk.

I have had no experience with this type of work before I did the Visionary Intuitive Healing® course. I am now able to tune in and see and sense information in the person’s body, which is amazing.

One of my clients, who I had been seeing for a while, commented after I did the course, ‘Have you changed your treatment? What ever you are doing now, please keep doing it.”

– Ms Bing Qian (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture)


“Since completing the Level 1 – Visionary Intuitive Healing® Course with Inna, I have been able to help people with headaches, skin conditions, tooth ache before and after dental work. I have extensively worked with my own family and used many of the processes learnt for my own use.

– Barb Mason (14 years experience as a registered nurse)


I know for myself I have a lot more energy and have been able to release from my body some of the underlying emotions that were limiting me in my life.

I now have a clearer direction in what I want to achieve, I feel more empowered and I know the processes that I have learnt from Inna can be used to help others as well.

I look forward to working and helping many people as I continue to be mentored by Inna.”

– Barb Mason (14 years experience as a registered nurse)


“I have come to understand that to truly heal you have to heal yourself. Inna Segal and the processes she has developed and mastered with her Visionary Intuitive Healing® has been an incredibly powerful force in my journey to self mastery.

Since doing Inna’s Visionary Intuitive Healing® – Level 1 workshop my life has changed unbelievably. Before her workshop I was deeply troubled with anxiety and panic attacks and found it difficult to stay grounded.

I had been struggling with agoraphobia and panic attacks since I was 23 years old. Though I had found some relief through practicing meditation since 1996, and working with other healers, I had never really achieved the healing I wanted. Today I finally feel the deep inner peace I had been striving to achieve.

Today, through practicing the processes I have learnt in Inna’s Visionary Intuitive Healing® workshop, I am able to dissolve any limits that stand in my way.

People around me have become curious about what has happened to me.  “You look different,” they say, “Your eyes sparkle and you look younger and more radiant.” Well I do feel and look younger and I find myself laughing and speaking to people I would normally shy away from.
As part of my training to become a Level 1 Visionary Intuitive Healer, Inna asked us to do some case studies. I invited some friends and family to experience a healing.

From just one session major shifts have happened in their lives. They have experienced things such as breaking patterns of co-dependency. One woman was finally able to put closure on an unhealthy relationship.

Another found that previous blocks between her husband, children and aging parents resolved, opening the way to healthier relationships – and all between the time she left my house and went to bed that  night. Another woman who also suffered panic attacks said she felt stronger, more confident and had more energy.

A close family member had suffered a sore foot for around 10 days. Two days after the healing session the pain totally resolved and has not come back. Another family member who was making herself physically sick with worry over a personal issue felt a reduction in anxiety after the healing session.

When I spoke to her a week later she brushed aside the previously debilitating issue as if it was nothing. This surprised me as she had been so distressed that I did not think I could help her.

oday people are paying me to do healing sessions with them, and it has only been 6 weeks since completing Inna’s Visionary Intuitive Healing™ workshop.

I continue to practice the powerful processes I have learnt through Inna’s workshop on myself and understand that healing is a process to be taken one step at a time.

Through Inna’s workshop I have been given a quantum leap and I am finally able to close the door on agoraphobia and  panic attacks.

I am crying as I write this because the journey has been long and difficult but the future is wondrous and joyous – like I have been given the key to Pandora’s Box. Like a small child with glowing wide eyes, I look into this box of treasures with joyous expectation that anything can happen.
I am deeply grateful to have participated in Inna’s Visionary Intuitive Healing™ workshop. I am in awe of Inna’s mastery and it is an honor to work with her.”

– Debra Ioannidis (mother, medical research assistant, Reiki practitioner)


Disclaimer: for all events / workshops

Visionary Intuitive Healing® and any organizers associated reserves the right to cancel, change dates, venues of any workshop or event up until 72 hours before an event. All deposits and payments for the workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable, unless the workshop is cancelled by the organizers. Visionary Intuitive Healing® reserves the right to change the content of events, the length of the workshop, speaker(s) at workshops at any time without notification in any country or city and will not be responsible for covering airfare, hotel or any other costs incurred by the registrants. All our classes require a minimum number of students to proceed. If your class does not have enough students we reserve the right to cancel it up to 72 hours before the time of the class. We will inform you of a cancellation or change of venue by email. If we cancel the class or move it to a location that is no longer convenient, you will be offered a full refund of the course fees paid.

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