Inna has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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Visionary Intuitive Healing® – Level 2

Visionary Intuitive Healing® – Level 2

If you completed Visionary Intuitive Healing® – Level 1 and have received great benefit, you will gain a quantum leap in benefit from Visionary Intuitive Healing®: Level 2

The processes you will learn and the states you will access are literally mind blowing.


Are you ready to go further?

If you are ready to discover more and go to the next level of healing, this is for you. You will take quantum steps in your own evolution and re-connect to your own Divine, powerful, incredible healing abilities.

Give yourself the opportunity to significantly raise your vibration, open new pathways and experience your Divine essence. This course will take you further towards becoming your own master healer.


What you will gain

Release self-doubt and blocks to clarity
Clear Genetic Predispositions which are holding dis-ease
Let go of fear – learn about the tripple warmer meridian
Clear secret, invisible, undisclosed spokes that control you
Release blocks to experiencing Divine Love
Work with mental and emotional Reversals
Deepen your relationships
Connect to Divine Love and use it to heal and create abundance
Release trauma from past lives
Release degeneration from your DNA, genetic memories, ancestral memories, soul memories, etc
Psychometry – learns to read objects
Distance healing
Photo readings
Releasing Implants
Amazing ‘hands-on-healing’ processes
Roll back and forward in time to clear the root cause of problems
Learn how to create your own healing and clearing protocols
Access your Divine healing pharmacy
And much more



“Participating in Levels One and Two of Inna’s Visionary Intuitive Healing® Workshops has given me the tools to completely change my life.

I had suffered for many years with severe fibrocystic breast disease which has now completely healed.  I attribute this to my continued use of the processes taught to me by Inna during the workshops.

I began to notice a gradual lessening of the symptoms from day one, until now, twelve months later, my breasts are showing no signs of the condition.”

– Paula Davison (Retailer)


“Powerful, life change, wonderful people, new steps forward, gets better every time Inna”

– Noella Mitchell (Holistic health practitioner)


“An enjoyable and fun 5-day program which enables you to integrate the processes into a holistic health giving regime”

–  Mary-Anne Gallagher (Psychologist)


“A wonderful course! I am really and truly proud of you! You’re doing better and better every time. Very deep. I learned a lot. Thank you. I love you very much! Hope to see you on a TV-TALK SHOW”

– Michelle Adams


“I loved level 2. So much release happens and it’s great to really feel it on a deeper level and physical level. It’s rewarding to feel a release on a physical level – you really feel like it is happening when you can feel and see the results. So much more powerful when you do it in a group.

Inna makes it so fun as well with her entertaining stories. Inna, you are truly amazing- I can’t wait for the next course!

Inna can make intense and deep topics so light and fun when she explains them”

– Edwina Guglielmino  (Quality Assurance Manager)


“A fantastic course yet again. I have learnt so many useful and amazing processes that build on what I have already learnt from Inna’s other courses. I feel the potential of this course in everything I do when applied.

So relevant for me and my family. A real gift as I walk away feeling a huge sense of empowerment.

I am looking forward to using and activating all the knowledge presented. Thank you Inna. Amazing and life changing”

– Lisa Rodek Todd (Teacher / photographer / Mum)


“I appreciated the work on the shadow. This will help me make peace with myself and work with myself in a gentler way. The work on protocols was good, especially how to link protocols and to do protocols within protocols.

For me this workshop was learning about being softer and gentler with the processes. Being more a part of them, feeling them, rather than being detached from them.”

– Wayne Hein (Accountant)


“Absolutely wonderful. Really empowering. Excited to use new knowledge and processes and feel the changes.

Love the way Inna presents the course.”

– Dianne Barnes (Retired)


“Thank you for your love, compassion, wisdom and tolerance for all my questions.

Thank you for your research and time to create these courses for us. Blessings, fun, jewelery and dresses.”

– Catherine Lowe


“I did Inna’s very 1st course in 2004, and the others thereafter. Inna amazes me each time.

The amount of research she has done, the great insight on the information she presents are phenomenal.

It has helped my work as a Chinese medicine practitioner as well as in my personal life, bringing wisdom, happiness and balance”

– Bing Qian (Chinese medicine practitioner)


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