Inna has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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US edition – The Secret Language of Your Body

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The Secret Language of Your Body – US Book Trailer


US edition – The Secret of Life Wellness

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The Secret of Life Wellness – e-book

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Beyond Words Publishing – products by Inna Segal

The Secret Language of Your Body, The Secret Language of Color cards, The Secret of Life Wellness and 8 CDs


Amazon – products by Inna Segal

The Secret Language of Your Body, The Secret Language of Color cards, The Secret of Life Wellness and 8 CDs


US version – The Secret Language of Color Cards

How to purchase the US edition of The Secret Language of Color cards (Atria Books / Beyond Words Publishing: Simon & Schuster)

Beyond Words Publishing
Simon & Schuster
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The Secret Language of Color e-Book
Simon and Schuster – The Secret Language of Color e-Book

The Secret Language of Color e-Book Kindle
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Beyond Words Publishing

At Beyond Words, our books and our company are an expression of who we are as people, the values we hold, and the actions we take to bring our goals to light. We want to inspire people through our work—inspire them to gain wholeness and completeness for themselves, and to learn, grow, and find solutions.

Atria Books / Beyond Words Publishing are the US publishers of Inna’s books, The Secret Language of Your Body and The Secret of Life Wellness and her card deck, The Secret Language of Color Cards.

Beyond Words – Find out more


Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster, a part of the CBS Corporation, is a global leader in the field of general interest publishing, dedicated to providing the best in fiction and nonfiction for consumers of all ages, across all printed, electronic, and audio formats.

Simon & Schuster are the US publishers of Inna’s books, The Secret Language of Your Body and The Secret of Life Wellness and her card deck, The Secret Language of Color Cards.

Simon & Schuster – Find out more


Blue Angel Publishing – Australia / New Zealand

Blue Angel Publishing is a publisher of books, CDs and Card Sets owned by Toni Carmine Salerno. As well as being a publisher, Toni is a highly regarded artist.

Blue Angel Publishing is the Australian and New Zealand publisher of The Secret Language of Your Body and The Secret Language of Colour Cards.

Blue Angel Publishing – Find out more


Rockpool Publishing – Australia / New Zealand

Rockpool Publishing is an exciting Australian-owned publisher, specializing in mind-body-spirit, health, family and general non-fiction publishing.

Rockpool Publishing’s objectives:

Publish books that make a difference and touch a chord in society.To be niche, clever at marketing, promotion and developing longer term relationships with authors, customers and suppliers.  Create books we can take pride in, that help people and promote thought. Create books that people enjoy. To have fun.

Rockpool Publishing are the Australian / New Zealand publisher of The Secret of Life Wellness (Inna Segal, September 2013) and Raiisng Angels (Paul morris Segal, June 2013).
Rockpool Publishing – Find out more


Brumby Sunstate

Brumby Sunstate is an Australian / New Zealand book distributor. The focus of their list is lifestyle non-fiction, with a particular emphasis on Health, Wellbeing, Mind-Body-Spirit, New Age, Personal Growth, Lifestyle and Inspiration titles.

Brumby Books is the Australian distributor for The Secret Language of Your Body, The Secret Language of Colour Cards,The Secret of Life Wellness and a few of Inna’s CDs.

The Secret Language of Your Body is currently on the Brumby Books Best Seller List and has been since June 2009.

The Secret Language of Your Body was also on the Brumby Books Best Seller List for 8 months, from February 2008 to September 2008.


HeartThreads® Clothing

HeartThreads® Clothing are ultra soft designer knit tops.The shirts feature the HeartThreads® signature concept of Energized Fashion, with a personal message printed on the inside directly over the heart. Shirts to make you feel beautiful and confident, any place, any time.
Inna uses this concept with HeartThreads® to place not just an inspirational healing message, but to provide the right colors and vibrations to assist with the healing process.The power of HeartThreads® t-shirts comes from the inspirational messages (or affirmations) that are printed on the inside of each shirt, touching the heart.HeartThreads® prints affirmations of inspiration, faith, love and wisdom on the inside of beautiful boutique style knit tops and bottoms.
The idea is for you to not only look beautiful from a fashion stand point, but feel beautiful with the use of the affirmation.
HeartThreads® – web-site

Faster EFT with Robert Smith

Robert G. Smith is the creator of FasterEFT. He is a Life Coach, a respected leader in the field of personal growth, a popular radio guest and sought after speaker. He is one of America’s leading experts on stress, spirituality and healing.


The Mind Body & Soul Company – New Zealand

For Inna’s range of products in New Zealand. Inspirational books, CDs and DVDs, generally of a personal growth, health, well being and spiritual nature (Mind, Body, Soul) – there’s bound to be something there just for YOU!
The MIND BODY SOUL company (2009) Ltd
Phone/Fax: (06) 835 7950 / Mobile: (027) 221 3631

The Mind Body & Soul Company
E-mail Shona


The Southern Cross Academy of Light

The Southern Cross Academy of Light is a Community of Light connecting people around the world. Its intention is to bring the New Consciousness to all Humanity through Love in Action.

The Southern Cross Academy of Light is are a portal for World Teachers of Wisdom and Consciousness who empower us with their gifts, enabling us to return to love and light – the essence of who we are.


Jan Pedis ~ New York City based Make-Up Artist & Hair Designer

ed Make-Up Artist & Hair Designer

Inna had a photo shoot in New York (October, 2011), where her hair and makeup was done by Jan Pedis. Inna was very happy with the outcome. She found Jan to be a very talented hair and makeup artist, as well as being friendly and creative.


Teresa Aziam – Conscious Creation Coach

Host of our Mompreneur Telesummit

Teresa Aziam is a Spiritual Life Coach, author, speaker, Reiki Master and Light Worker, Wife and Mother. Teresa’s purpose is to serve you by unveiling for you the hidden truths that are interwoven into our reality and to help you harness the life force energy that will improve every area of your life exponentially.
Mystic Monkey
The Mystic Monkey online store is all about helping you on your spiritual path, offering you the resources and support you need to heal and transform your life and lead the life you want.
Mystic Monkey customers are both local and international, so they ship anywhere in the world. They have a whole section on products by Inna Segal –

Mike Loop

Mike Loop is a Renowned Paranormal Researcher and Physical Medium and he was born and raised in Orange County,California.

Mike Loop


How to get the man you want / How to get the woman you want

Real People – Answers Real

Blatantly honest, hilariously funny, sexy & upbeat How to get the man you want & How to get the woman you want is your essential guide to flirting, dating, sex and love.Inna is a contributor and a co-publisher.

How To Get The One You Want


Compelling Smiles Dental

Compelling Smiles Dental is a boutique dental practice offering quality dentistry with a highly personal approach in a pleasant environment.  Principal practitioner, Dr Helen Voronina (MBSc. Melb.) is a skilled and experienced dentist who describes her chosen vocation as both an art and a medical science .

At Compelling Smiles Dental a full range of general dentistry is offered with a focus on aesthetic and restorative dentistry including teeth whitening, implants, veneers, crowns and bridges.   Also sleep apparatus and sports mouth guards are provided.  Time is taken to carefully discuss your options so that you can make an informed choice.  At Compelling Smiles, they respect your time and do utmost to ensure you are not kept waiting.

Assure yourself of quality!


Fantastic Home, Garden & Beauty Products at a Fraction of the Price

Are you looking for affordable Cosmedix Skin Care, solid, Cedar Venetian Blinds and Synthetic Grass. Top quality, fantastic prices! Mention that you came through the web-site and receive a further discount off already extremely competitive prices. Business owners, Paul & Marina are friends of Inna’s.


Courageous Life Changes

Are you looking for counselling or hypnosis in the Northern Rivers Region of Australia? I work together with you in a caring, confidential and non-judgemental environment, assisting you to discover your strengths and solutions for desired change, whilst at all times respecting your unique individuality.


Carolyn’s Wellbeing Solutions

The Mission of Carolyn’s Wellbeing Solutions is to facilitate your self healing, resulting in a more peaceful, healthy & balanced life.

Carolyn describes herself as a ‘passionate, intuitive’ Bowen Therapist. Address:

Suite 1A, 41 Glenhuntly Rd, Elwood, St Kilda


UK – Nutri Centre Bookshop

For Inna’s range of products in the UK. The UK’s first complementary medicine education resource centre incorporating a bookshop and a library with an extensive selection of books on health and nutrition, and a wider range of topics.
7 Park Crescent, London W1B 1PF Phone: 20 7323 2382


Love & Serendipity

Where you can find balance in your life…. Love & Serendipity is a New Age Development and Learning Centre located in Gosford on the NSW Central coast of Australia. The centre offers many courses and services from Meditation to Psychic Readings, Spiritual Healers to Tarot and Intuitive Awareness courses and a beautiful retail shop to bring your Mind, Body and Spirit into balance.


Natural Woman Network Pty Ltd

The Natural Woman Network (NWN) aims to provide a platform to enable those involved to contribute to a cleaner, greener, healthier world for the sake of this generation and generations to come.

The NWN aims to provide goods and services to women as well as their families and friends to help them enjoy optimum health and to actively seek to embrace a lifestyle which promotes sustainable, earth friendly living.


Soul Shift by Mark Ireland / Dr Richard Ireland

Soul Shift, by Mark Ireland, is an inspiring and uplifting book, which can help many people to heal.

Many people viewed Dr Richard Ireland as the most gifted psychic-medium of the twentieth century. When people saw his capabilities believers were stunned and non-believers quickly changed their minds.


Spheres: The Spirit Guide

Spheres Magazine: From hypnosis to spoon bending, Spheres presents an array of information from highly respected sources alongside the true experiences of their readers.

Spheres promotes spiritual inquiry by providing information from a spectrum of sources without prejudice.


Virgo Moon Pages and More

Carolyn Wild – Manager

Virgo Moon Pages and More offer an extensive and interesting range of books categorised into several areas covering a broad range of topics.

These are New and Quality Secondhand Books.  If you are searching for a particular subject and cannot find it on their site please let them know. They are passionate about their books and are constantly updating their inventory.


Star & Moon: Jane Orr – Manager

Star & Moon is a New Age Shop in Victoria. Visit the Mont Albert Shopping Village where you will find Star & Moon opposite Mont Albert train station in Churchill Street. Mont Albert is home to 4 fabulous cafes, a great butcher, baker (BreadStreet) and a Greengrocer with the best fresh produce.

People often pick up the delightful scent of Star & Moon from a distance so come along to see and smell the product range. Reach for the stars and wish on the moon.


Katia Loisel-Furey

Katia Loisel-Furey is an international flirting, dating and body language expert and TV presenter and has worked with tens of thousands of singles and couples in Australia and overseas.

Katia has featured as a dating expert on TV shows such as 9am with David and Kim, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, Sunday and Postcards and many radio shows. She has received hundreds of letters from readers advising them on body language, relationships and the world of dating. She also wrights a regular column for MX Magazine and FHM (For Him Magazine).

Katia is the co-author of the blockbuster two-sided book How to get the Man Your Want / How to Get the Woman You Want.


Empowering Women

The Empowering Women website, community and events are designed to empower women in all areas of their lives. Many women in this modern world feel they have lost themselves, are frustrated by their circumstances or don’t feel they have the support they need in their lives.

The goal at Empowering Women is to give women the tools they need to create and maintain their own independence, confidence and lifestyle. Do you want to be inspired? Socialise with like minded people? Are you living the life deep down you know you deserve?

Dare to be extraordinary, empower yourself today.
Visit the Empowering Woman website NOW


Cancer & Natural Therapy Foundation

The Cancer & Natural Therapy Foundation is a registered charity organization, run by a team of committed and dedicated volunteers. Inna has given a presentation to the foundation.

It was established as a non-profit organization in 1993, shortly after Sandra Maqueda’s 4 year old son’s remarkable recovery from cancer using natural therapies.  Daniel, now 18 years of age is a living testimony to natural therapies, and enjoys a full active life.


Empowered Living

Specialising in Practical Solutions for Your Physical, Nutritional and Emotional Wellbeing.

Useful method and resourses that identify Your unique Metabolic Profile. When you approach your nutrition based on your Unique Metabolic Type  you can literally kiss fatigue goodbye and enjoy more energy for being productive and focused in your Life.


The Mastery Club by Liliane Grace

Inna loves this book and is happy to recommend it. It is a great read, particularly for teenagers, containing many great and inspiring principals.

The Mastery Club, by Liliane Grace, is about a group of friends on a quest to be all they can be and make their dreams come true. Be prepared to be inspired!


Universal Winds

A family business, which has been making flags since 1999. Great quality, uplifting Prayer Flags, Angel Flags and printing of all descriptions.

Flags can be used as a celebration, an identification and as a prayer. They are used for sport, religion, spirituality, business and events of all kinds. By David and Sallyann Turnbull.


Goodeys Bookshop

Aukland – New Zealand
43b Great South Road, Reuera, Aukland
New Zealand Ph: 00 11 64 524 5000

Goodeys Bookstore – providing resources and inspiraton and catering to everything: Spiritual, Mystical, Holistic, Inspirational, Motivational, Developmental.

Goodeys Bookstore is promoting Inna Segal’s product range in NZ.


Universal Peace Society

Founded by Richard A Fletcher, who was inspired to create a series of events to assist in the process of world peace.

The ‘Gathering of all Nations’ event Richard is organising has been  recognised by a number of United Nations organisations and countries around the world. Richard is also an internationally recognised healer, who started his healing work at seven years of age.


The Art of Healing – Magazine

The Art of Healing is an independent, Australian-owned quarterly publication that seeks to inform and educate its readers about health and healing alternatives.

In each issue, The Art of Healing reports on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental aspects of wellbeing.


Vanessa Finnigan

Vanessa Finnigan has worked as a registered psychologist for over ten years in Australia. She has also lived and worked in New Zealand and Taiwan.

Vanessa has counselled children, adults, and families in Brisbane, Darwin and Victoria.

She is a regular health & wellbeing writer for a number of well known magazines and newspapers in Australia and New Zealand


Gildan Media

Gildan Media bring you both new and established authors as well as innovative learning methods to help you become a more productive person in all aspects of your life.

Gildan Audio offers Your Coach in a Box, presenting bestselling authors and established personal development speakers.

Gildan Media has made a number of audio programs by Inna available through the internet.


Robbi Zeck

Robbi Zeck, ND, is a counsellor, kinesiologist, naturopath, author and trainer. Her skills cover a wide range of modalities including aromatherapy, transpersonal psychology, NLP, counselling, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine and remedial massage.

Robbi has authored the inspirational and highly successful book The Blossoming Heart – Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation, which is available in English, Spanish and Chinese.


You Inspire Me – Corrina Gordon

“I’m a Certified Professional Coach, committed to helping you turn your inspirational ideas into action. I support creative professionals as they develop businesses and projects which really matter, staying energised and connected to purpose whilst doing so.” – Corrina


Healing with Art

A journey into creative exploration, mask making, collage, mandalas, journaling, painting, classes and workshops.

Visit Emelisa’s joy, heart or reflection galleries.


Mind Body Spirit Festival – United Kingdom

For your Mind Body Spirit Programme, Festival guidelines and
information about the Festivals Ph 020 7371 9191 Fax 020 7371 9915
Inna ran a workshop at the ’08 and ’09 London festivals.


Australian Beach November 2012




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