Inna has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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Online Course – Create Perfect Health Through Understanding The Secret Language of Your Body


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Create Perfect Health Through Understanding The Secret Language of Your Body

About this Powerful Course

This is an 8 week online course which teaches you to connect to your body, receive messages, understand your emotional patterns and heal. For best results I suggest that you fully participate in this course and then create your own plan for wellness that you can work on regularly. As with any program, you can go as deep or as shallow as you feel drawn to. I encourage you to take your wellness seriously and delve as deeply as possible in order to transform your health and your life.

An Introduction From Inna…

Hi, I’m Inna Segal, the Creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing®. I have been travelling around the world teaching workshops based on my bestselling book The Secret Language of Your Body and my award winning card deck The Secret Language of Color cards.

Because of how life changing and healing those workshops have been for thousands of people I am constantly invited to travel and teach in different countries. Whilst I love touring, there are only so many months in a year that I can be on the road, as I am very conscious of practicing what I preach. It is important that I also have time to rest, while still getting out to as many people as possible I have decided to finally reveal all the secrets to creating perfect health, understanding messages from your body and healing your life in an 8 week online course that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you have already done a live workshop with me or planning to attend one, this course will act as your guide on your journey towards perfect health. You will learn to wake your body up and re-energize it, release unhealthy thought patterns in minutes and reprogram your nervous system, which is the key to wonderful health and a stress free life. I will show you a step by step process for tuning into your body, asking the right questions and receiving answers which could be crucial to your own self-healing.

I have recorded more than 10 processes where I personally guide you to release cellular memories, open your heart, boost your immune system, ground yourself, work with color, release heavy and limiting emotions, connect to your Divine Healing intelligence and protect yourself and so much more.

Each week builds on the previous week to give you the fullest understanding of wellness possible. Your body is your home and your health needs to be a major priority.

So what are you waiting for?

This is an 8 week online course which teaches you to connect to your body, receive messages, understand the challenges involved and heal.

Further message from Inna

I am sooooo excited about your choosing to make wellness a priority and to come on this incredible journey towards loving yourself, knowing yourself and healing yourself.

I have spent many years travelling around the world teaching people how to become friends with their bodies, develop a healthy communication network and tap into their Divine Healing Intelligence in order to become vibrantly well!

You may already be familiar with my books, The Secret Language of Your Body, The Secret of Life Wellness and my cards The Secret Language of Color however you may have questions about how to use those great resources to help you heal and transform various areas of your life.

I have created this 8 week course to help you do just that, with my personal guidance, clear instructions and a lot of fun.  I believe that in order for healing to last it has to be enjoyable. We need to look forward to participating in our own wellness!

Since there is soooo much information out there about healing and I highly value your time, I decided to only include what is absolutely relevant for you to create wonderful health in this 8 week program. My intention is for you to incorporate what you learn into your everyday life experience. This is not just about a healing method but a healing lifestyle.

I will keep adding information to the online course and also my website so please keep checking it regularly. I will also be adding wonderful stories about self-healing and creating a community of like-minded people who can support each other.

You will find that there is a lot of audio, some video links and some writing in this course.

I felt that most of the processes would be more powerful if they were recorded as audios since you have to close your eyes and relax to listen to them. I’ve included only some video links, where I felt it was absolutely necessary for you to watch me. The parts that I wanted you to be able to re- read are left as they are, so that you can have easy access to the information you might need.

Even if you have completed one of my workshops, I highly suggest that you work with this e-course as the processes and the information I have included will change your life and your health.

Now I would like to give you a quick overview about this powerful course so that you can feel as excited as I do about applying it to your life. It’s important to understand that you will find some weeks more interesting than others. However the information I have included in each week is important for you to build great health, so do your very best to practice it.

In the first week I share with you my healing story, introduce you to some simple methods to connect to your body and wake it up. If you can practice this simple method for three to five minutes a day then you will be on your way to creating better circulation in your body and feeling more energized.

In week two I will teach you a powerful but simple process to release unhealthy thought patterns as well as limited points of view and any ‘negative or positive charge’ that keeps your body from healing in minutes. Also, discover how to work with this process on a daily basis and improve your finances, relationships, confidence and success.

Once you know this process you can use it anytime, anywhere to release negative thought patterns. You will also learn the true significance of your nervous system as a powerful communication network that is in charge of your wellbeing.

I will also teach you how to reprogram your nervous system. This is one of the secrets to lasting health and wellness. This process is incredible not only for relaxation and healing but also for manifesting your desires quickly and easily into your reality.

In week three you will learn: To tune into your body, ask the right questions and receive answers. Become aware of how each part of your body contains a particular set of wisdom and information which can help you heal. I will guide you on this amazing process. You will develop a completely new respect for your body.

In week four you will understand the connection between the systems of your body, your life lessons and the health challenges you may have. You will learn what practical changes you may need to make in your life in order to improve a particular system of your body or a physical ailment. I will also guide you through a process to strengthen your immune system.

In week five you will learn to connect to your Divine Healing Intelligence, create more clarity during your day and protect yourself from picking up dense energy from others. I will also guide you through another process which helps you to release cellular memories. This process is incredible in helping you to heal yourself. I also share with you how to interpret various images and symbols that you may receive from your body and subconscious.

In week six you will discover the power of color healing. Understand the properties of different colors and how to work with them to heal physical problems, increase your self-esteem, open your heart, connect to your higher wisdom, increase your energy, harness your creativity, improve your communication abilities and much more.  Color healing is a fantastic tool to work with all the people in your family, your children and your pets.

In week seven you will discover various ways to work with your emotional body. This is vital in order to be healthy as most people have a very limited understanding of their emotions and how to best work with them. Thus, many people’s emotional body looks either torn or frozen, which leads to a lot of physical, immune, lymphatic and hormonal dysfunctions.

I will guide you through a process that can help you deeply and profoundly work on and let go of dense heavy emotions which block you, contribute to illness and keep you stuck. You will learn how to transform these feelings into healthy healing feelings. I will also guide you to connect to your heart and open yourself to love.

In week eight we will focus on connecting all the pieces together to create your own unique healing practice. I give you several suggestions on how to do that including creating a wellness plan when you are healthy and also when you are ill. I also include a work sheet that helps you create a daily plan and guide you through a grounding exercise.

All in all in this 8 weeks, you should be very aware of what is going on in your body and how best to treat it. I can’t wait to begin and to hear all your success stories.


Terms & Conditions

Inessa Segal has used her best efforts to make this online course as powerful as possible. This course has ideas, opinions, tips and techniques for improving your wellness and helping you to receive messages from your body. Inessa Segal does not offer or provide or suggest medical or psychological advice or service. Please seek advice of your medical, psychological or health practitioner for any specific problems you might be experiencing. Inessa makes no guarantees and takes no responsibility of how you choose to use the information in this course or any of her books, audio recording, card decks, videos and other products and the results you will experience. All Inessa’s work is to assist people with their own self-healing and the condition of using Inessa’s products and techniques is that you take full responsibility for your own experience and healing.

You may use the processes in this course with the explicit understanding that Inessa Segal is not liable for any direct or indirect experience of any health problems, emotional, mental or spiritual challenges you may experience. In using the material provided in this course you agree to not hold, nor attempt to hold the author liable for any loss, liability, claim, demand, damages and all legal costs or other expenses arising whatsoever in connection with the use, misuse or inability to use the materials. All payments for this workshop are non-refundable and non-transferable.

I agree not to share the digital download of The Secret Language of Your Body with anyone else, but to use it as my own private resource.


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