Inna has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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Visionary Intuitive Healing®

Visionary Intuitive Healing® has been created by Inna Segal, to give people quick, easy, practical access to life changing techniques, transformational tools, powerful healing processes and amazing healing frequencies, in order to assist people with their self-healing.

Purpose & Intention

Visionary Intuitive Healing® assists by teaching the body to heal at a deep cellular level. It is designed to assist people to open up to their own self-healing ability and personal empowerment.

Feedback of results

A highly successful healer since her early 20s, Inna’s practical techniques have assisted people to self-heal many physical challenges, emotional blocks and energetic disorders.

Many people have also reported that Visionary Intuitive Healing® has assisted them to create more abundance, money, wellbeing, happiness and success in their lives.

Face-to-face or at a distance

Visionary Intuitive Healing® sessions can be held face-to-face or at a distance.


Inna is available for a limited number of private healing sessions, as she is often travelling and leads workshops worldwide in order to make Visionary Intuitive Healing® available to more people.


Inna Segal Speaking at the 2013 Durango Mexico 450 Anniversary Conference

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