Inna has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Inna, you’ve been a healer for many years now. Were you born with this ability or did you learn it?

I believe that as babies we are all open to Divinity. Some children are encouraged to develop this ability while others are discouraged. I see this in many of the children I work with. After a healing session most of them go home and can begin to do healing on their parents. It seems to be the most natural, thing for a child to connect to their own Divinity.

My son Raphael watched me give him healing since he was a baby. So when he was about one and a half years old he said to me, “Mummy, I’ll do healing on you now.”

Personally, I feel that I was always quite intuitive but like most people I did not know how to use my abilities. I would have many experiences where I would pray for something and then it would occur, or just know if something was likely to happen.

I also noticed that if I lost something I would always know if I would find it or not, or if someone I knew got sick I would have a sense whether they would get better or not.I have also studied many different healing techniques and philosophies which helped me understand the healing process.

As a journalist, I’ve also had the opportunity of interviewing many of the leaders in the personal development field. However nothing beats experience. Most of the things I have learned, I learned from my clients whom I am very grateful for. I have also experienced transformational healing.

So the answer to your question is I was born with a healing ability and I have also studied how healing works in order to understand it and learn how to use it to help myself and others.

Why and how did you get started with healing?

When I was about 20 I suffered with intense backache, which eventually became so debilitating that I couldn’t walk. I visited different practitioners practically every day for a year and while at times I’d experience slight relief, most of the time I was in agony.

So I started reading various materials on healing and began experimenting with different techniques. I also did a few courses and discovered that I could actually see with my inner eye what was occurring inside my body.

While initially it was quite a shock, it showed me that we all have the ability to connect to something Divine and heal ourselves. Within a few weeks after connecting to my healing abilities, my back was completely healed.

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Inna, could you please explain how Visionary Intuitive Healing® works?

Visionary Intuitive Healing® works by penetrating deeply within your DNA and cellular memories, releasing patterns of limitation and restoring health and vitality.

When a client comes to me, the first thing I do is tune into what is occurring in his or her body. Once I am connected to the Divine part of the person, which has amazing healing abilities, their body begins sharing specific information with me, through visual images, thoughts and feelings.

So I will see, if someone has a sore neck or physical problems. And I will either sense or be shown if they have emotional or mental challenges, such as low self-esteem, depression, stress, anger or others.

A big part of the healing process is sharing what I intuitively see with my clients.

This does a few important tasks. One, it makes people feel comfortable that I know what I am doing. Two, it often gives them insights into themselves, that they may not have consciously been aware of. And three, when I am shown what is occurring inside the person I know that there is a strong possibility that whatever challenge they are experiencing has a great potential for healing. So this is how the person’s being communicates with me.

Once I am aware of what is going on with the person, I have a good sense of what processes I can use to help them heal. Once I have done the processes I then watch to see how the person’s body, mind, and spirit respond to the process. For example, I check if the dense energy or blocks are releasing quickly or slowly and whether I need to adjust the process or let it continue.

I also examine, which areas are releasing well and which need more work. Any information I gain I share with my clients. It’s important to note that the processes don’t do the healing but they seem to assist the person’s natural ability to heal.

Most of my clients report feeling different sensations and release of pain, anxiety and old patterns as the healing is occurring. Often I am told that they have connected to the most profound state of peace and wellbeing.

Many people feel a substantial difference in all different areas of their lives. Often their experience is quite empowering and allows them to connect to their own Divinity, which gives them a sense of peace, love and greater joy.

Sometimes I get images of events that have happened in people’s lives that relate to their challenges.

And occasionally I have visitors who have passed on who relate to the client. I describe them and pass on any messages they want my clients to hear. This interaction often brings, closure, peace and comfort to people.

Now, most importantly, what can someone do to speed up their healing process?

I suggest you do the following: Learn to tune in and listen to your body. You can do this by simply closing your eyes and moving your awareness through every part of your body. You can even ask different parts of your body for information and then pay attention to any insights which come to you. And be sure to record them.

It is also a great idea to carry a journal with you and record any progress in your health, consciousness, and interactions with others.

Also remember to be grateful for your improvements. Pay attention to synchronicities and miracles. They are all around you.

It is also important to recognize your progress and reward yourself with something special. This could be anything, a nice trip into nature, reading a good book, having a healing session or participating in a course on healing, going dancing; basically anything you love to do. This recognition builds on your progress.

Another great thing to do is relax and have fun. The more fun and laughter we have the more we enjoy our life. So spend time each day laughing, relaxing and doing things you enjoy, even if it is for a short time.

Also remember the truth of who you are.

You are Love itself – beyond words, images and concepts.

There is an in-depth process for learning to tune into your own body and Ten Basic Principals For Healing in my book, The Secret Language of Your Body

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Could you tell us about some amazing experiences your clients have had during Visionary Intuitive Healing® sessions?

There have been many amazing healing experiences. One client said, “I had a heart problem, little energy, wore glasses and was addicted to chocolate – not anymore!”

Besides the many physical healings, people have reported amazing improvement in their relationships, energy levels, intuition, mental and emotional wellbeing.

One of my clients had no work and received very few phone calls from her clients for weeks. During a healing session she asked me to do a process that related to her receiving more work. A few hours after the healing session she called to tell me that she received forty-three phone calls about her services.

Many people have reported their pain and discomforts disappearing and an increase in flexibility, self-confidence, energy and clarity.

After a healing session one of my clients went to work, her boss saw her and asked “What are you on and where can I get some?”

Another client said, “Physical eyesight, headaches, pimples, depression, panic attacks and back aches have all improved dramatically after the Visionary Intuitive Healing®.”

An experience that really touched me was when a mother called me about her son, who had been in a fight and had his eye severely damaged. When I saw the boy his eye was badly bruised and he could not see with it. I intuitively scanned his body and told his mother what I was seeing. She confirmed that what I saw was exactly what was in the x-ray.

As I was doing some healing processes I could see a lot of swelling, healing and releasing. When I finished, the boy smiled and said that he was able to see better. His mother was amazed that his swelling went down considerably in one hour. A week later she sent me a thank-you letter saying that the boy’s surgeon was surprised that the eye socket was not as badly damaged as the x-ray showed. Even his broken bones had began to repair and they did not have to fit a metal plate.

His mother wrote, “It was a miracle to see the eye healing so fast and the swelling and bruising go down.”

A few weeks later the boy’s eye was back to normal and he could see perfectly.

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How does your distance healing work?

If you are having a session, once we have organized the time, you (the client) send me a photo, with some information about you such as: your full name, date of birth, phone number and address, your occupation, marital status and how many children you have. Also whether you are currently taking any medications, drugs or smoke.

At the designated time you ring me.

It is called distance healing because you are not in the same place as me. It is not that I am doing the healing by sending you energy from a distance and that my energy heals you.

I work by tuning into your body and sharing with you what I am seeing and the insights I receive. Then depending on what your challenges are I may ask you to lie down, focus on your body, breathe deeply and become aware of any experiences you have. You are welcome to stay on the phone with me or put the phone down.

At that time I will be connecting to your body, as well as your bodies natural ability to heal. I will also be observing and recording how it heals.

Then you will call me back and we will discuss what has happened.

Is one session enough?

That depends on what you would like to work with. One session has been very helpful and occasionally life changing for some people. However, it is important to be realistic with your healing.

You would not go to the gym and say to the gym instructor, could you help me lose ten kilograms in one session. Healing often takes time.

With Visionary Intuitive Healing® your body is learning how to connect to new pathways and heal itself. If you decide to learn something new, you usually don’t just hear it once and then know the depth of the information or a technique. It takes time for you to integrate it and understand it fully.

The body, mind, spirit heals by releasing the old dense layers and accessing the whole, new, powerful energy.

Having said that, many amazing experiences and miracles have happened in a short amount of time.

Do you believe it is you doing the actual healing?

I take no credit for the actual healing. I believe that my work with Visionary Intuitive Healing® is assisting people with their self-healing.

I am the creator of the modality in the practical sense of writing up the processes and guiding people. I design the courses and lead them, as well as create products with the intention of assisting people.

The specific results people achieve are to do with their own self-healing ability. It depednds on you and where you are with your life.

It is the Divinity within that is able to interact with you. I feel that this Divinity is Infinite Love. My aim is to assist people to discover their own innate ability to heal.

Inna Segal

Inna Segal


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