Inna has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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What do people say about Inna Segal and Visionary Intuitive Healing®?

Great results have been reported in the following areas:


Headaches, Hay-Fever, Heart Palpatations, Anxiety – Gone

“When I first came to see Inna I had bad headaches, hay fever, no energy, heart palpitations, and bad anxiety. I didn’t think there was a light at the end. After seeing Inna and having Visionary Intuitive Healing® I feel so different, IT’S UNBELIEVABLE. I feel confident, energetic, I don’t get headaches anymore, my hay fever is also gone. I feel happier and my heart is so much better.”

Julie Holley (Insurance Consultant)

Skin Improvement

“I have spent thousands of dollars on creams and ways to improve my skin condition. In one session Inna’s healing helped my skin improve more then I would have achieved with plastic surgery.”

Francesca Ashworth (Nurse)

Reversing the Aging Process

“Recently my Chinese Therapist who gives me massage and acupuncture said that my body is regenerating and getting younger at a cellular level. She is really impressed with the changes which have occurred in my body. My skin also looks clearer and healthier.

John Carr (Retired School Teacher)

Healing Itching & Irritation

“I feel absolutely happy. The itching I have had all over my body for many years has improved by more then 70% in only a few sessions. I have spent years trying many different healing modalities, but none had worked. My toothache is also gone, long-standing sinus irritation has healed and my back feels better.”

Peter Hadsi (Mechanic)

Dramatic Improvements with Headaches, Depression and Bach Pain

“Physical eyesight, headaches, pimples, depression, panic attacks and back aches have all improved dramatically after the Visionary Intuitive Healing®”

Alicia Benjamin (Self Employed)

Vanishing Polyps

“I found the healing to be the most amazing, simple experience like walking through doors that were closed and that opened and the more I walked the more they kept opening until I walked into the light of love. One of the doors was the door to expression; I had hoarseness, polyps on my throat, a low soft voice and gagging feeling. During the healing all of the above vanished including the polyp. What a joy! I can now fulfill my purpose – to be a messenger of God- a flute through which God can blow his truth and wisdom.”

Kathrine (Psychologist)

Miraculous Healing – Saved My Life

“Since meeting Inna she has touched me in a very deep way. She is a gifted healer and the healing energy she works with, is miraculous. When I first came to see Inna I was desperate on the verge of dying. I could see no way out of my predicament except having an operation to clear poison out of my body. The only other way it could be cleared was through a miracle.

Inna was able to tune into my body and help me heal. After the first session I was stabilised. After the second session I could see that I was going to get better and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I felt that the healing energy was working on me for many days after the healing session.

After the third session I was off medication.Inna has done a lot of training and research. She obviously has a very strong intuitive gift and is guided by the power of God. You look for those things in life but they seldom come your way. But once you find something this good and sacred then you grab at it with both hands and take what ever learning and healing for your soul that you can.

My life has become a very spiritual experience. The world needs more people like Inna. As long as you are open to the power then wonderful things can occur. Thank you for all the blessings. You have saved my life.”

Martin Russell (Trader)

Amazing Eyesight Improvements

“I had a heart problem, little energy, wore glasses and was addicted to chocolate – not any more!”

Lysbeth Downig (Nurse)

“I experienced an awesome sense of self-discovery and an expanded new vision, seeing all aspects of my being in a new light. I enjoyed the opening of new doors to my Self and the discovery of hidden aspects of my being. Also, my eyesight improved during the session.”

Sue McDonald (Hypnotherapist /Counsellor)

“The healing is like a gentle breeze that lifts through the murky water releasing the old and creating the new. My eyesight was hazy at the beginning of the session by the end I could see more clearly.”

Loraine (Business/Personal development consultant)

Miraculous Healing – Repairing the Eye

Dear Inna, just a short note to say Thankyou for the healing my son Andrew received for his eye before his surgery.The surgeon was surprised that the eye socket was not as badly damaged as the x-ray showed.

Thanks to the healing it had began to repair the broken bones and they did not have to fit a metal plate. It was a miracle to see the eye healing so fast and the swelling and bruising go down. It was such a relief to see the improvement in Andrew.

Your work was much appreciated. Please continue with the fantastic healing you do, it is of benefit to everyone who comes in contact with you. It brought a calmness to Andrew and a smile to his face I had not seen before. With much thanks and appreciation.

Christine, John and Andrew Hadjujuanni

The End of Bach Ache

“What a difference, I feel lighter, less constricted, happy, more positive and not as shy. Also my back always hurts – has done for years – not any more. I recommend anybody to do this healing.”

Belynda (Art Director)

Improved Digestion

“Since seeing Inna my digestion has improved, my allergies, which I have had my whole life have improved dramatically and I feel much happier.

John Carr (Retired School Teacher)

Healing Relationships

My History has been one of turning against myself in a negative way. This healing was about letting go. I also felt deep release and forgiveness between myself and my father. I can finally see my dad as a friend in light. My cells say thankyou, my mind says thankyou . I am so grateful. I feel like I am reconnecting with God essence. Another miracle has been performed.

Derrick Runge (Aviation Firefighter)

Unique Mode of Healing Works

“Inna has created a unique mode of healing which addresses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances in the body, She just has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and how they got there too – (as we humans can be extraordinarily complex and simple at the same time!).

This is not just a temporary quick fix, as some other methods seem to be. Inna doesn’t merely cover up your symptoms, she actually deals with the source and she gets long term results – it is an amazing feeling of transformation and it lasts.

Personally, Inna has healed many areas of my life on a DNA level. My energy levels and capacity for higher states of consciousness – Love, gratitude, compassion, optimism, confidence, grace and more, just keep expanding, like I’m smiling all over. I feel so blessed during these healings.

Alison Collins (Forklift Operator)

Experience Amazing Transformations

“As a naturopath, neuroscientist, researcher and psycho-physiologist, I have had the opportunity and experience to work with some amazing individuals. I count my time in Inna’s company as part of the most transformational work I have done.

I have seen, felt and experienced some amazing transformations with Inna’s guidance and am delighted to have been privileged to gain some amazing insights facilitated by her work.

Ilanit Tof (Naturopath)

Amazing Peace & Wellbeing

“The treatment really shifted deep issues for me and allowed me to attain a more profound state of inner peace and wellbeing. It’s truly amazing.”

Simon James (Doctor)

“I was impressed by the depth of the healing and touched by the spiritual connection I experienced. I have experienced many healing but the energy shifts were the deepest I ever felt, followed by an amazing sense of wellbeing and connectedness. I was also deeply touched by the integrity and sincerity of the healer. I recommend this healing to everybody.”

David Richards (Telstra Project Manager)

Feeling Calm, Renewed and Revitalised

“Life is lighter now. I feel a sense of renewal, calm, and healing.”

Dawn Readings (Nurse)

“My healing was fantastic. I saw the benefits straight away , and felt so refreshed and revitalised afterwards. I really enjoyed it.”

Jasmine Taylor (Receptionist)

Experience Love & Ecstacy

“The feeling of ecstasy, reverie and love I experienced during the healing is something I’ve only felt when I’ve sat and spent time with what they call an enlightened master. I’m feeling great, I am so happy to be alive.”

Derrick Runge (Aviation Firefighter)

Feeling Lighter & Uplifted

“I feel very clear and light and “together” as if my energy were gathered into one place again.”

Terry Stephens (Editor Living Now)

“It’s good to feel lighter and like things are flowing better again.”

Emma (Journey Practitioner)

“Although I didn’t feel a great deal during or immediately after the session, I certainly did after I got home! I felt different, lighter, & more uplifted than before.”

Cinzia (Home Duties)

“I came in feeling blocked and compressed at the end of the healing I felt expanded, peaceful and energised. The tension in my shoulders is gone and I feel together.”

Lorraine Martin (Ka Huna Massage Therapist)

Faith in Divinity

“I was in a very challenging position and went to the doctor, who tried to help. It didn’t work out. I was scared I’d never get better. Then I asked Inna for help. Inna’s Visionary Intuitive Healing® worked amazingly. I was so impressed, but Inna didn’t want me to make a fuss of her.

Inna truely demonstrated compassion and an understanding.The experience was very uplifting and helped me to believe in Divinity.”



“Inna’s abundance healing resulted in two new jobs in two days for my company. Now that’s practical spirituality!”

Jo Beilby (JLB enterprises)

Preparation for Birth

“As preparation for Birth the healing session was amazing. It took away all fear and allowed me to enjoy the most wonderful experience of birthing.”

Shelley (Advertising, New Mum)

Better Sleep

“Thanks to Inna, I now sleep through the night and wake refreshed and energised in the morning.”

Joanne Beilby (Editor)

More Energy & Confidence

“In the past I used to sleep 12 hours and feel exhausted, now I’m sleeping 7 hours and I have a lot of energy. I’ve even been doing public speaking and feeling confident and relaxed whereas in the past I had anxiety just thinking about speaking in front of others.”

Julie Holley (Insurance Consultant)

Gaining Clarity & Understanding

“A profound experience gaining clarity and insight enabling me to move forward with clear intent and understanding of myself.”

Maria (Reiki Master)

Releasing Blocks and Gaining Motivation

“I benefited from sessions with Inna on a couple of occasions; both times I felt the very marked melting away of barriers. I felt as if I could move forward in my life more easily, as if some invisible obstacle had been removed. I noticed also that I was motivated to do some of the things I had been putting off. I certainly do recommend Inna to others, and am looking forward to my next session.”

Liliane Grace (Writer / Lecturer, author of The Mastery Club)

Other Notice a Difference

“After the healing with Inna my boss said to me “What are you on? And where can I get some”

Jacquieline Osborne (Manager)

I had never seen my friend who has been depressed for years so happy as after she went to see Inna for a healing session, and I have known her for more then 20 years. She kept thanking me for sending her to Inna.”

Claire B. (Sales)

Changed Perception

“I went in and felt like the world was on top of me. When I left I felt Like I was on top of the world.”

Justine (Advertising)

Inna Segal and those associated with Visionary Intuitive Healing® make no claims about the products or healing sessions.

Visionary Intuitive Healing® sessions and products are powerful and uplifting tools for growth, but are not intended to replace medical, veterinary, or financial, etc, care or advice.

The quotes included on this web-site are the personal experiences of individuals who have engaged in the processes presented by Inna Segal or used Visionary Intuitive Healing® products.

This web-site, Visionary Intuitive Healing® and all Visionary Intuitive Healing® courses, healing sessions, articles and products, including are inspired by Divinity & dedicated to Infinite Love.

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