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Kidney Problems

Hi Inna,
I have been suffering with Kidney problems for the last five years. I really believe that I can get better. Can you give me more information on the possible causes of kidney problems and any ideas on what I can do to begin my healing journey.
Thank you so much, Kirk

Hi Kirk,
because kidney problems are common I decided to answer your question in my blog.

Below is some information about the role of the kidneys and some of the possible causes of kidney dysfunction. I would also suggest that you check out my book, The Secret Language of Your Body and work with the process for healing the kidneys as well as with the emotions you relate to.


Kidneys control many vital body functions. Their major role is to remove waste from the blood, eliminating it through the urine. Kidneys also make important hormones which stimulate the production of red blood cells and control blood pressure, as well as strengthen bones.

The symptoms of kidney problems are feeling of tiredness, discoloration or blood in the urine, nausea, vomiting, appetite loss, swollen or numb hands and feet, muscle cramps and lethargy.

A major role of kidneys is to cleanse, thus if the kidneys break down, a person needs to look at what in their life they are holding on to, keeping stuck and fear letting go of.
Often people will say, I have worked on myself and let go of everything that I can think of. However often, this letting go is on the mental level and is very general.

If your kidneys don’t heal, it’s because there is something deeper and often it is connected to your childhood or younger years. Sometimes it is not necessarily your personal issues that you need to work on, but the sadness, pain and fear that you have picked up from your environment.

Kidneys store a lot of unresolved sadness; sometimes this sadness is buried so deep, that it is difficult to access. Especially if in younger years, you were taught to be strong and not to express your feelings, or desires.

Sometimes the deep grief in the kidneys can be related to unfulfilled dreams and desires or broken dreams. This could relate to someone leaving you, or a person you love dying, or a betrayal in a family situation. Kidneys can also relate to a deep feeling of emptiness and lack of love. This can create difficulties in communicating with others and make you feel like a victim, where someone else is always in the wrong.

Healing, means being willing to go deeper into yourself than ever before and explore what is stored there. It’s a strong desire to find out and transform, rather than to be saved by someone else. Be aware of putting people up on a pedestal and then throwing them off, and start to focus on yourself. You are the one who has the power to heal.

When you recognize that the power is really within you, you will start using it to heal.
I hope this helps!

Love Inna

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